Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost Fall Open Thread

This image comes from last Saturday's Fall Festival at Vander Veer.

This is a wide open thread, except I'd prefer people keep the rental talk on the appropriate thread a few posts below.

Anyone going to the AARP forum/debate tonight at the Adler feel free to send me some images, and I'll probably post them.


Matt said...

What's the scoop on fun stuff going down this weekend? any music or art goings-on? I've heard about "Eargasm" - a poetry/music night at the redstone room, but it sounds awfully counter-intuitive to me (sounds like an open mic / poetry slam kind of a thing, but it's billed as a martini night that requires high-class attire... no thanks).

Moe said...

Hey, QCI - I moved my blog from over to Do you think you could update your link on the sidebar? I would appreciate it!

QuadCityImages said...

All taken care of Moe.

I'll get back to you, and other readers, on the "what's happening" thing Matt.

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy some amazing raw beats from a true character

Winding Hills

Anonymous said...

I was working on the computer and had the Democratic debate on tv in the backround listening, not watching. Did they run out of time , or what. It just seemed to end in mid sentence.

Shelley said...

I attended and also had the chance to speak with Senator Dodd afterwards. This was the first time that the importance of understanding and addressing the subprime mortgage implosion was discussed for more than a minute at any of the debates. Senator Dodd was frustrated that at one point moderator Woodruf gave him the 30 seconds card when he had just begun to give his answer on what he is currently doing through the Senate Banking Committee. It was heartening,however that all of the candidates ackowledge that the real implications of the problem have yet to be felt and will continue to impact the economy. Overall-the venue was great, the debate lively and presented Davenport to the country as a great host. It was really cool to see the masses of young people outside and the diversity of the audience inside-for an AARP event, there were sure alot of under 50 people there!

Anonymous said...

Keith Meyer- tell your friends to stop taking Bill Boom's signs out of our yard.

Anonymous said...

shelly, what do you know about a mortgage? you sponge off of others.

Anonymous said...

The person that logged that you keep having your Bill Boom's yard sign stolen, please contact Bill, or go to our web site at; and let us know your location. We will have it replaced as many times as need be.
Thank you for your support!
Campaign Manager

P.S. I doubt that it is Keith for the record.