Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Downtown News: Davenport and Moline

Moline project announcement planned -QCTimes
The blurb linked to above says "A news conference has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday at the Bass Street Landing Plaza Stage to announce an economic development project for downtown Moline. The announcement involves a project that could bring more than $50 million in investment to the community, officials said in the announcement."
Hopefully this is related to the highrise tower that was in the news back in April. I also had a small blog post about it back then. It sounds like we'll know by this afternoon. (Oops, I mean Thursday afternoon)

Isle of Capri offers to give Blackhawk to city for restoration -QCTimes
This SEEMS like good news, but I'm waiting to see all the details of the offer. IOC has lost all trust and good will I ever had for them long ago. I'll believe it when I see it.

Between the Blackhawk restoration, the Putnam/Parker renovation mentioned yesterday, and Bill Wundram's revelation that the cement plant at 4th and Iowa is going to be torn down, we've got several pieces of good news for downtown Davenport in about a week's time. Hopefully the streak continues. Downtown is getting closer all the time to really taking off, and more people are starting to wake up and notice it.


Anonymous said...

So, we are losing the sad robot at 4th and Iowa. It will make that corner look much nicer. Glad to see things happening downtown again.

Anonymous said...

Why would Davenport want to buy the Blackhawk from the IOC and take on those liabilities. Why doesn't the IOC sell it directly to the developers? Why is a middle man needed?

Anonymous said...

The city is not "taking over the Blackhawk".

It already has a third-party developer - with an incredibly impressive track record of taking buildings just like the Blackhawk, but in worse shape and in worse neighbhorhoods - and rehabbing them into gems.

Getting that historic building out of the hands of the do-nothing IOC and into the hands of people who are demonstrably willing and able to turn it back into a key cornerstone of downtown cannot be anything but a good idea.

Anonymous said...

IOC needs the City Middle Man so it can get a big fat tax writeoff while extracting other things of value from Davenport. I'm either cynical or seeing nickles.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they buy the Mississippi Hotel for a $1 and then sell it to the Adler and the loft people at market value?

QuadCityImages said...

No, they paid big bucks ($739,000) for the entire Mississippi Hotel. Then they tore down part of it, and sold part of it. Judging by the Parcel Summary,the city sold that part for about $500k to the current developer/operator.