Friday, September 14, 2007

Not necessarily a Friday Open Thread

Just a few disconnected items:

  • I read somewhere that a stoplight is being installed at Elmore and Dexter Court (the dead end street between Best Buy/Lazy Boy and the medical offices. It should help slow down traffic coming around the curve there, and also make it a lot easier to get out of Best Buy. Lets just hope they get it in by the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Don't forget all the stuff happening this weekend, such as Riverssance, Brew Ha Ha, and the Vander Veer Fall Festival. I've cut back on posting upcoming events since it seems like the papers cover them, but I've gotten complaints about people not hearing about stuff. Maybe I should go back to posting "What's happening this weekend" more often.

  • Davenport police to auction leftover items -QCTimes
    I am sure they don't want people doing this, but this would be a good time for those folks who took the tour of the new PD to snoop around the old station and see how bad they used to have it. And hey, if you are starting your own police department, this auction would be right down your alley.

  • Check out this random guy from St. Louis's images of the Figge on Flickr. Its pretty interesting to see what him and the people commenting on the images have to say, including a lot of "Where is that amazing building?" questions. We're on the map for architecture nerds, at least.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did the QC Times turn off the "comment". I don't see any comments on any stores. The story about Meyer in todays paper shows "2 comments", but when I click on the story, no comments are there.

Anonymous said...

MS howard finally put the gag in Meyers mouth.
From the article it sounds like Meyer may have some real legal legs to stand on with this one.

Matt said...

Those comments about the Figge architecture are pretty cool. Glad to see the building could draw some people from larger metro areas. However, I'm still concerned that the content within the building is not interesting enough to get people here for the *art's* sake. The contemporary-ish shows featuring Parke-Harrison and Martin Mull's work really weren't exciting enough to draw a Saint Louis or Chicago contemporary art afficianado, in my opinion. I'm not saying the curators need to fill the walls with stuff like Serrano's "Piss Christ" or anything, just something... something a little more hip. Just a little.

Tory B said...

OK, maybe I'm dumb, but I couldn't find the comment section on that Flickr page.

PS The Times comment section is now working again - it was a technical glitch that also affected the Associated Press feed.

Matt said...

Tory - it's actually not very obvious on Flickr as to which photos in a "photostream" have comments and which don't. I'm not sure why they don't list # of comments in a small footnote. You'll have to click on individual photos to see if anyone's commented. For example, the first two pics on the page QCI linked to have no comments; the third one does.

Anonymous said...

Hi - this is Brook from NHS. I wanted to let you know that Neighborhood Housing Services is having an open neighborhood meeting at 1711 Grand Avenue tomorrow Sept 15th at 9:00 am. We have recently purchased this building for the purposes of rehabbing it. We are meeting with the neighbors to find out what their wishes are for the rehab, and ask them to get involved in the project. The meeting is open to anyone, but we especially would like to see people there that are neighbors of the property. It will be an informal meeting but will give us a chance to talk to the neighbors and get their support and hopefully assistance in our grand avenue restoration impact project. You can call 324-1556 with any questions.

fredle said...

Don't forget Erin Feis, the Irish festival in the District Sunday. If I remember right it starts just before noon and goes into the early evening. Something else that's kind of cool...there's a special passenger train coming through the Quad Cities on Sunday on its way to the passenger railcar owners convention in Omaha. It's scheduled to arrive in Silvis about 2:30, travel through East Moline, Moline, Roack Island and cross the Crescent bridge about 3:30 and head upriver. They should be stopped in Davenport for about an hour - don't know where - to change Amtrak crews. They'll be at least 17 cars, all top-of-the-line. You can check into it at and click on convention info.

Anonymous said...

There is also a very nice article about Davenport highlighting the Figge and the RME in the latest National Geographic Traveler Magazine.I was certainly suprised when reading the article about long weekends to find "Davenport Iowa" included along with Ontario Canada and Belize.There is a color photo of the skywalk that doesn't show the graffiti or any broken windows.I hope we can live up to expectations of visitors that come here as a result of the article.It makes us sound like a happenin' place.This weekend of course that is certainly the case.But not necessarily so in the dead of February.

Tory B said...

Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Meyer has any legal legs to stand on. He has been verbally abusive of staff and colleagues and continues to be verbally abusive.

Meyer needs an attorney because of his continued provocations and unwillingness to conduct himself in a civil manner.

For a man who has no job other than Alderman, how can Meyer pay his legal fees? Is he independently wealthy?

Anonymous said...

Meyer needs a lawyer because Malin and Winborn et al are screwing him over.

Anonymous said...

2:11, you can't really believe Meyer is being screwed over. He is consitantly the aggressor, finding fault with every one and everything.

Anonymous said...

.....Meyer is an idiot.

QuadCityImages said...

...and comments like that serve no purpose whatsoever, except to make the person saying it look bad.

Try using facts or reasoning next time.

Anonymous said...

Come on, I think this is part of the reason some people don't vote, they are tired of hearing "well, I'm not voting for so and so because he's stupid, or my friend sarah talked to her friend julie and she said that you said..." This is not jr. high, How about talking about and finding out the issues and voting records. give the candidates a forum where they can discuss issues not skeletons in closets, I think you'd be surprised, some of these candidates have plans and real thoughts of their own on how to change things. I for one would like to hear about that.

Anonymous said...

Here are the questions posed in the Quad City Times survey of the candidates. I assume all of the candidates will respond and their answers will be published. Their answers should help you to decide which candidates will best serve your needs.


What are the most significant challenges facing neighborhoods? How would you address them?

What’s most important, providing basic services or adding amenities for residents and visitors? What approach would you take?

What are the city’s most important infrastructure needs?

How would you approach economic development?

Does the city have enough police officers? Are they deployed properly? What is the council’s role in promoting public safety?

How would you handle situations in which you disagree with another council member or members? Or does it matter?

Should the Isle of Capri take over the RiverCenter South? If not, what should the city encourage the Isle to do?

What is your vision for Davenport?

Anonymous said...

For the survey you can read Yeringtons reply on his site.