Monday, September 10, 2007

Late Summer Busy Weekend

Even though it seems like the Summer of 2007 is wrapping up, there are still a ton of events, happenings, and festivals left this year. I managed to make to a few things, and next weekend is Riverssance , Vander Veer's Fall Festival, and the QC Marathon.

This first two are from the Quad City Symphony Riverfront Pops Concert. All you need to avoid paying for the $20 ticket is a $50,000 boat and a couple hundred bucks of fuel. Seeing the Contours play with the Symphony backing them up made me really wish I'd been able to make it to last year's Beatles-oriented concert.

Here's a movie I took of the Contours doing "Higher and Higher"

Here's a shot of the Beaux Arts Fair, which definitely had beautiful weather for a change.

I also stopped by and saw the Nina, which I plan to check out in depth later, and Friday night I went down and watched the movie filming again.

I'll get back to some "real" content eventually, but QCImages has to post images after all...

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Jared W. Johnson said...

The boaters on the river did not avoid paying. Here is a note from Sara Thoms that was published in this past week's Dispatch/Argus/Leader and Quad City Times:

Dear Quad Cities,

I want to thank you all for once again turning out for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra’s Riverfront Pops concert. The park was filled with beautiful picnics, lively music and thousands of wonderful people! I also want to mention all the “attendees” on the river: As I went boat-to-boat on my jet ski collecting donations, you were all amazingly gracious and generous. (I also need to give an extra-special “Thanks!” to the folks that rescued me when my jet ski broke down.) We at the QCSO have a great time putting this concert on, and are glad that so many people still take advantage of this “finale to summer” after 25 successful years.

Sara Thoms
Immediate Past President
Board of Trustees
Quad City Symphony Orchestra Association