Monday, July 16, 2007

Where in the QC is this? #16

This one's probably too easy, but its all I have time for right now. Where is it?

The second guesser, Anonymous at 11:04 AM correctly identified the image as the clock tower on the depot in Rock Island. As Anonymous said, its now a reception hall known as Abbey Station, operated by the owners of the Abbey Hotel.


Anonymous said...

Top of old Davenport Bank building

Anonymous said...

I believe it's the clock tower on the Rock Island Lines depot in Rock Island. Now the Abbey Station banquet hall.

Anonymous said...

QCI, I can think of no one better than you to publish a montage of the many beautiful public clocks in the Quad Cities. How 'bout it sometime? :)

QuadCityImages said...

That could be quite a project, although it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'm guessing Time/Temperature electronic signs don't qualify as beautiful, so that would save me a lot of banks.

Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ya ya but I'm with you leave out the branch banks. Git 'er done.

Anonymous said...

How many beautiful public clocks are there?

The two main ones I can think of are the Davenport Bank building and the Arsenal Stars and Bars clock. But I imagine there are others (I had forgotten about this one in RI).

Anonymous said...

__Some good exposure for 2 Davenport landmarks__

Elizabeth Edwards will be speaking at the Figge today
And on Friday @ Noon Senetor Joe Biden will address a crowd of 50 to 60 in the Davenport Sky Bridge. I am sure this will be a great photo op fore his Presidential Campaign ... and it will be refreshing to have some pictures of Davenport Iowa without the Hay and Corn.
Could be some good headlines in the paper the next day.
"Bridge to a better America?"
"Bridge to no where?"

Matt said...

Any word on what time at the Figge? I have to attend a meeting there at 5:30.