Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday morning assortment

I took a drive/walk around downtown last night around 3am, hoping to get some good images with my camera and tripod. I didn't have much luck, with the shot of city hall to the right the only one that came out ok. I didn't see another pedestrian while I was out. Not exactly a vibrant street scene, but I didn't see any criminals or drug dealers out either.

Speaking of downtown and crime, the QCTimes has an editorial today that fits with the argument I've been making around this blog for 2 years. Downtown in safer than many neighborhoods, but a couple of bad intersections and a lot of bad perception and media attention lowers people's opinion of downtown safety.

In the opposite of downtown news, QCOnline has a piece on Prairie Heights. It mentions a mixture of residential and commercial, but last time I saw the plan there was little to no commercial mixed in with the residential areas. Maybe someone in the know can correct me on this. I'm looking foward to seeing homes going up in the next couple months.

Thanks to whoever's decision it was to paint dotted lane lines across Brady at 3rd Street. The lanes jog by half a lane's width as you go through the intersection, and I've seen a lot of near-accidents there. Now its 100% obvious what lane you're supposed to end up in when you make it to the east side of Brady.


Anonymous said...

The commercial portion they talk about, is the corner of 53rd & Eastern as well as the land use concept plan that designates a small amount of commercial use at 67th/Eastern; but owned by private individuals.
The P.H. residential concept has already been designed with street going in this week. I don't expect any homes to actually be constructed until mid/late August. And even then, the pace will be slow until next Spring. Kind of a timing thing.
The Big question, is whats taking the city so long on the park components? And whats happening to the branch library and school ground?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the sign in Bettendorf "EMINENT DOMAIN" "COMDEMMED BY THE CITY OF BETTENDORF". It is on Brookview by the new bridge on Middle Road.
Wow - I am going to have to find out the story on this one. It is good to know that Davenport is not the only one taking adventage of taxpayers. Do any of you bloggers know the story?

Anonymous said...

That curve on Middle road has always been dangerous and with additional development in NE Bettendorf, it will only get worse. The property is needed for a legitimate public purpose - straightening the road and widening the bridge. The owner has been offered more than fair market value so now the stall tactic is hurting all the taxpayers of Bettendorf. Remember the Interstate highway system could not have been built without eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

8:24 - you have peaked my interest.
How is a sign a stall tactic & hurting the taxpayers? Cities are know to do whatever they need to get a road done. I can not believe that a sign would stop this. There must be more to the story then you are sharing

Anonymous said...

Re: Sign

I love it! What a great way to express ones freedom of speech!

QuadCityImages said...

There were a number of articles in the QCTimes about this issue a few months back.

Here are a couple:

"Prized" land in dispute -QCT

Bettendorf considers seizing land for Middle Road project -QCT

Anonymous said...

QCI - thanks for the articles. From the articles attached blogs it appears that more people are concerned with government using eminent domain powers then not. Having kept a very close eye on Davenport for the last few years I imagine that Bettendorf is not much different. If the city wants something they take it and do not care how the people involve feel, what the compensation is, or how it effects them. It looks like this guy is expressing his freedom of speech on what the city did to him. I wonder if the city will try and take that away next.