Saturday, June 16, 2007

RiverCenter quiz

This is all in relation to today's QCTimes article about the newest RiverCenter Casino news.

Here's a Saturday morning quiz. Match the quotes to the Alderman that said them. This was inspired by this post over at Information Swimming.

#1 said the Alder Theatre should be split off from the RiverCenter and run separately. The newly renovated theater will likely be successful. The city should look at other options for the RiverCenter.

#2 said “I have a hard time seeing us keep it open on the shoulders of the rest of citizens who have to come up $630,000 every year.” “We should look at the cost of shutting it down or selling it.”

#3 said the city subsidizes a number of cultural and recreational activities in Davenport from the Figge Art Museum to recreation programs. Failure to hire someone to run the RiverCenter would “cause considerable harm to the other businesses downtown,” he said.

#4 said “In my two-and-a-half years on the council, not once have we seriously considered alternative uses for the RiverCenter." “It’s time to cut it loose.”

#5 said “When I hear that we are only subsidizing it at ($630,000 a year), it gives me a cold chill,” “I’m still concerned about the direction the RiverCenter is going. I would like to see the subsidy reduced a whole lot more.”

Hint: All the answers can be found here and here in the QCTimes archives.

Answers: (technically I should have found a way to make these upside down so you can't spoil your guessing, but here you go anyway)

#1 is Shawn Hamerlinck
#2 is Ron Van Fossen
#3 is Barney Barnhill
#4 is Keith Meyer
#5 is Bill Lynn

How much do you want to bet that some of those people will be exhibiting a bit of flip-flopping in the coming months? Ah, the internet, where people can't hide from their past statements.


Anonymous said...

Here is another quote for you, sent by the City to Aldermans Meyer and Hammerlinck. Add it to you guess who.

"Keith and Shawn:

At the outset, I should state that I respectfully decline to undertake the assignment described below—unless or until there is further confirmation that this shall become as assignment to our department and if funding is provided. Our department staff does not have the technical capacity for what would be required. To complete a plan for the incorporation of the Scott Community College Culinary Arts Program into the RiverCenter would require a substantial physical redevelopment of the RiverCenter North building. This would require architectural and engineering design services. Further, it would be necessary to have a sense that the policy leadership of the City desires to pursue or at least study this alternate use of the existing RIverCenter facilities and the modification of the City’s relationship with Compass."

Anonymous said...


Sound like someone who knows what they are talking about.

Engineering and architectural studies to determine the feasibility and costs associated with determining the viability of the use would be expensive and require the expertise of professional consultants.

The Meyer/Hammerlink request of city staff would have been more appropriate with the majority support of the council and the recommendation of a funding source, in conjunction with a request from the culinary program.

Anonymous said...

Prove it Keith, I know for fact that it just wasn't you and Shawn that got this memo. Enjoy the lime light while you can Keith, for it will soon be gone.

Anonymous said...

According to the memo of intent the casino is giving the city a full parking garage and a guaranteed income for the river center. Seems like they are giving the aldermen what they want. How many actual days is that space used a year? How many new and exciting events have been in there? I would guess that building is empty for more than 8 months out of the year. At least the casino would be using it year round.

QuadCityImages said...

As Pioneer said in his post, I just find it interesting that the people who are opposed to subsidizing the Adler, and have even suggested "shutting it down or selling it" or "cutting it loose" are probably now going to oppose doing that very thing because it involves a casino. The voters of Iowa have approved gambling, so just because various Alderman dislike it, I don't see why they should act like that's the general opinion of the public.

I'm still opposed to this without some expansion of the RiverCenter (hopefully paid for by the casino) that would continue to allow events like the auto show, festival of trees, etc. Hopefully we can get the casino to run the convention center too, and then maybe they'll dump their Bettendorf plans and go with what the QC already has at the RiverCenter.

Anonymous said...

They waqnt the city to provide the 700 parking spaces, not the IOC. Read the letter you Dumb a$$.

Anonymous said...

Why just because they wanted to explore a different use, does it mean that the use has to be this casino? I agree you are a dumb a$$.

QuadCityImages said...

Alderman Van Fossen wanted to close it entirely, so I would think leasing it to someone would be way better in his eyes. We'll see how they vote.

Also, calling people names just takes away all your credibility when it comes to making a point.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the saving grace for the future of casino success in downtown Davenport. The IOC can bankrupt this entity at anytime, and leave. With all the other resort type casinos going up it is all competition for regional gamblers.

Casino revenues will continue to drop until one of these entities blinks and calls it quits.

what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, is more than just a slogan. My dollars go there twice a year.

Anonymous said...

Here's another flip flop issue with the citizens of davenport. IOC wants to give the city a consistent revenue stream for its parking structures and now people are pissed off about it.
How fast can someone search the QCT for stories about the parking ramps losing money and being a burden on the defenseless homeowner?

Anonymous said...

Ah, QCI, so young and dumb!

Anonymous said...

Maybe after he grows a few wiskers his song will change.

QuadCityImages said...

Why don't you guys make some actual arguments instead of using the cop out of just attacking me because I'm young?

If that's the worst thing about me you can come up with I'm doing alright.

Anonymous said...

Qci: The problem is that you are just like some of the people in this community that give up too easily. You latch onto something because you think it is the only option for us and fail to explore all the possible option even though it may take more time. It is GOOD to ask questions like Meyer does about projects. We need to keep asking questions because otherwise we get screwed.

I am not saying dumb all development, I am saying that we need to ask good tough questions and explore our options and not jump for anything and say that we don't have options.

pioneer98 said...

I'm not holding my breath or anything, but this might actually be one issue that our alderman might be able to find some common ground on and (gasp!) make a compromise. The conservative crowd gets rid of a subsidy, and the pro-downtown crowd gets a new downtown hotel. Something to like on both sides. The main drawback is the reduction of convention space. This is where the aldermen work their magic.

QuadCityImages said...

Its true that sometimes its better to wait for a better project to come along, but that's a pretty fine line. You can spend a long time waiting for a perfect solution, or do something that's better than the current conditions.

My "perfect solution" was the all new construction casino, hotel, parking garage, water park surround the Blackhawk Hotel, but we might have to settle for this weird River Center swap.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm far from a young pup; QCI is younger than my youngest kid. I think QCI is a smart guy and on the right track. I wish you "old farts" would listen to him more.
As far as Meyers asking the all the hard questions, have you ever thought maybe the other alderman and the Administrator ARE asking the questions....just not grandstanding in front of the cameras????

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that Meyer ask the questions. Other elective officials may be asking the questions, but it is behind close doors. Meyer give the viewing public an opportunity to learn what is going on and to make educated decisions on issue. Since several of the elected officials do not find it necessary to keep the voters informed it is good to know that Frink, Hammerlink, Meyer, Ambrose and Lynn are having ward meetings to let us know what is going on. You may not agree with the answer or decision, but you know where they stand and what they are trying to accomplish. Try and get answers to questions from Brooke, Dumas, and Howard. It would be nice if they would return phone calls as a courteous.

QuadCityImages said...

Does anyone know if Dumas is going to run again? I wonder if he'll just hide out on the city council until its safe for Republicans to run for state office again.

Anonymous said...


It is not that you are young, or not even that you are not smart. What the problem is is that you, much like Charlie Brook can not, or refuse to look past the boundaries of your own personal agenda (ie. neighborhood). The fact of the matter is that all this downtown development, all or largely subsidized by the city, is costing the rest of the city in drastic cuts in city services and increases in taxes and fees, all of which a downtown renter does not pay! Enough is enough, quit being a poster boy for Davenport One!