Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bill Boom makes it official

I got this email from Bill tonight. Its a copy of his remarks from his candidacy announcement today.

June 18th, 2007

To whom it may concern,

My name is Bill Boom, and I am making my candidacy for Alderman of the 3rd Ward of Davenport official Tuesday, June 19th at 3:00pm. You have been invited to this important event that will be held at Riverview Terrace Park at the end of Washington Street and Clay Street. The fact that I was narrowly defeated (9 votes) in the last election cycle by the current sitting incumbent, I feel this will be one of the most competitive races in the next city wide elections. Please join me, many supporters, elected officials, and city dignitaries for this important event.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Boom


Anonymous said...

Bill, being an alderman is more than sitting on the pine box, you need to actually listen to us. I don't think you have what it takes. You never stop talking!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not good for Davenport....just for his agenda!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll move to the 3rd ward just long enough to vote for Boom. I'll do anything to get Meyers out. Now we just need 9 more people to do the same to get him out!

QuadCityImages said...

Nothing like a nice offensive comment to make your side look worse 10:08. Let's try and keep it above schoolyard insults.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Bill Boom has decided to run again. Davenport has seen enough of the antics weekly from Keith. Bill will be a good leader for the 3rd ward.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Meyer is a wondeful person who is doing a fine job. He gets down and dirty in that he is willing to confront the bad landlords. He works hard to clean up the problems this city faces, especially in his ward. I have known him to actually sit and watch drug deals and then follow the buyer and get license numbers and then go to the DPD. He answers your e-mails and he actually finds out answers to the questions and if he doesn't he proves that he asked and why the answer was not obtained.

He is a better choice then Bill Boom. Bill can be nice, but he is alligned too much with the QCRPA Keep an eye on if he gets money from them. He does not listen to anyone but himself talk. He knows best of course.

He is not effective if that is what he wants you to believe. He worked hard on that DAI proposal for the new NEO and some members of council would not vote to support it. Not much different then Meyer on occasion.

Meyer has tried hard to get Malin out and Bill will just blow with the wind. He really cannot be trusted. Frankly, I don't know what is motivating him to run. He often does not have the best interest of the people in mind.

Plus, just wait - since the blogs are up and moving about him, his minions will be here with insults of Keith Meyer soon. It will get old and immature.

Keith in the 3rd in '07 is what I say...... GOOD LUCK KEITH - PLEASE RUN AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

5:37 - you are apparentlyout of touch with the 3rd ward voters and others, people love Keith because he is agood man and a good councilmember. You have no idea what actually happens at city hall, we need Keith to challenge tstuff, because the other members of council do not have the balls to do so usually.

Little things do matter, especially the funding for projects int eh 3rd ward and other areas surrounding. We need someone to challenge the staff - always.

Anonymous said...

Go Bill! Meyer needs to go away. I'm with you 5:37am.

cruiser said...

I don't have a car in this race, but found it funny that this got so much attention for the fact he posted signs in a city park. But I guess, depending on your last name, a law is a law and must be enforced.

pioneer98 said...

I respect Keith's willingness to get "down and dirty" on neighborhood problems. My problem with him is his total unwillingness to compromise. Especially for someone in the minority, it is a crucial trait to have. If you are against everything, all the time, the majority will just tune you out and find ways to neutralize you. This isn't good for the 3rd ward or the city.

Anonymous said...

I am not from the 3rd ward but will sign up and work hard for Keith Meyer's re election. We need Keith in there to maintain the checks and balances and ask those important questions that Howard, Frink and the boys don't want answered.

Anonymous said...

Meyer is a bit odd, but at least he's not queer. Meyer asks the right questions.

How would you like to have Dumass, Crook or Punchy's mom for your alderman?

QuadCityImages said...

2:33, none of what you just said added anything to the conversation. I'm going to leave your comment as an example of the kind of crap I deleted earlier.

11:39, you said "He gets down and dirty in that he is willing to confront the bad landlords. He works hard to clean up the problems this city faces, especially in his ward. I have known him to actually sit and watch drug deals and then follow the buyer and get license numbers and then go to the DPD. He answers your e-mails and he actually finds out answers to the questions and if he doesn't he proves that he asked and why the answer was not obtained."

I agree with all of that, but are those things really the job of an Alderman, or are they the jobs of city staff? I think Keith would make a good "City Customer Service Specialist" or something, or ombudsman, if we created that position. He's already working full time doing that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Please QCI - your ingnorance is clearly showing. And how niave you are. You don't live 'in; a torubled area do you? You have no clue about the staff do you. The staff shoudl be doing this, BUT THEY DON'T!!! Meyer and any alderman has had to make them help. That is his job. Try geting help from city staff regarding a bad rental property without the help of an alderman. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

1;13 Pioneer - plase give an exemple of a situation of non-compromise. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For a guy that never had run for a public office, Boom showed many of us what he is made of the last election. I have talked to many of friends & nieghbors (last time, many didnt vote, or if they did, It was not for Boom. I know many of my friends and neighbors were pretty shocked with the outcome of the last election. Thinking Boom didnt have a chance in h*ll to win. I for one, are really fired up to support Bill again. After the election I have no clue how many people said.."gosh, if I knew it was going to be that close, I would have voted, or voted differently." So folks we are at a cross road in the 3rd ward. Do we want the same ol' Keith, or do we need to go a different route? I believe we need a change, and so I will personally go out and get 10 votes to defeat Keith. He has run his coarse, and hopefully the history of his politics.
go Bill.

Anonymous said...

Watch to see if Tax Payers United (a.k.a. Mike Steen, a.k.a. former QCRPA president) get behind Boom financially. That will tell you where he plans to butter his bread.

Bill Boom said...

Thanks for posting my announcement. I see things have not changed much here on the Blogs, but I still see them as a tool with a great potential for ringing people together, if it weren't for the few who feel the need to go negative.

I prefer to take a proactive approach and have been busy since the last election trying to make Davenport a better place to live. I have served as a commissioner on Plan & Zone as well as working hard to provide more opportunity for citizen input through the Davenport Action Initiative.

Most of my time has been spent co-chairing a DAI committee to help develop a program to improve Davenport's Rental Inspection Program. I offered my services following council action dumping NEO with no real guidance to the Fire Department on how to make this work.

I saw this as an opportunity to allow citizens to get involved and provide input. The program that resulted does a better job of cost shareing between small landlords and the large rental operations and builds in protections for our neighborhoods from problem rental properties.

The inaccurate comments about being "aligned with or in the pocket of" the QCRP come because I accurately recognized their group as a stakeholder in this rental issue and was so bold as to have them appear before the committee to give input.

This program has been seen as innovative and forward thinking and HAS been adopted by council. We are still waiting to be able to work with IT to complete the computer programming necessary for the rental registry, and am working with state representatives to change state laws to improve it even more, but what we built is now in operation.

This has been both a frustrating and rewarding experience, but it has also given me an opportunity to gain valuable experience working within city hall and dealing with the challenges thrown in our way by some in the staff.

Sure working with staff can be a challenge, but the toil is not impossible, and is worth it if we end up with a better place to live. The key here is being able to deal with people and really listen to what they have to say even if you disagree with them.

If this means taking some shots on the blogs, so be it. I will continue to take the high road and work hard to improve conditions in Davenport.

I also believe Keith is a good person, I just don't feel he is a good alderman for the 3rd Ward. I feel my track record clearly shows I have been effective in dealing with many tough and complex situations like we currently face at city hall.

The comments here about Keith confronting landlords and chasing drug dealers may be good examples of his advocacy, but are not examples of being able to govern, and they also are not what the 3rd Ward needs from their alderman.

The 3rd Ward needs someone who can provide the leadership to deal with issues by bring all parties to the table, really listen to their issues, and find common ground upon which solutions can be built. These are not Keith's strenghts and never will be.

They are my strenghts. If you agree, vote for me. If you feel this is blowing in the wind, so be it, support Keith. Eitherway, go out and vote.

As for my minions jumping on the blog insulting Keith, I would say that shoe is on the other foot. Now let me get off here before I get accused of never stop talking, no wait that has already been said.

If folks are really interested in holding a respectful debate on issues I am all for it, but will not respond to name calling or inflamatory comments. And Chris, I guess some don't know you do live in a transitional area Solo and do walk the walk. Keep up the good work on your Blog.

Anonymous said...

Keith Meyer is a great choice for alderman. He has done a great job and the people like him. I pray he runs again.

While you have been involved, Bill, That DAI program really wasn't implimented as you say. Actually, the adlermen who are supported by the QCRPA voted against hiring staff to make the program happen. How do you explain that?

The plan was implimented because of the fire chief and in the manner he wants - not the DAI group.

I do not htink you will bring harm to the 3rd ward Bill, but I think Keith will help. YOu are attractive to special interests because you are a yes man. You do not listen Bill.

The public input thing you speak of is a farce. You hand picked people to come to the table, made the decisions and then it was too late for the public to actually be heard. It is the same crap that staff and some aldermen have pulled for years with the residents of the 3rd ward and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

11:49, you hit the nail on the head. Bill Boom loves to hear himself talk, very long winded, and does not listen. Often talks down to those who question decisions. I have been to all three DAI meetings and I can say that all it ended up being was council throwing these folks a bone to shut them up.

Anonymous said...

11:49 am you are wrong, the council members who supported the restructuring of the NEO also voted to give them more staff. Bill is correct in that funds are spent more equally now, and the program is starting to make a difference. I am no supporter of the landlords, but they do have some good points, and Bill took those points that made sense and ignored the others. By contrast, Kieth is kind of a wild guy who can never be counted on to vote on a core set of principles. Example: he voted to gut the old NEO and then continually cries about it. I think Bill Boom would be an excellent choice for the third ward.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Boom talks about his strengths but doesn't know how to spell the word.

Anonymous said...

All those who voted to ditch the NEO should not even consider running. That had to be one of the dumbest ideas to come out of this council.

Anonymous said...

As you can see, Bill regards the staff as an obstacle rather than an asset. Anyone running for alderman with this type of attitude will not fare well in achieving changes needed in their respective ward.

Anonymous said...

10:57 - you are very wrong. Go do the research. All of the council voted to support the DAI and then when the fire dept wanted to staff it, Ambrose and Lynn voted not to.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading Mr. Boom's comments. It is very obvious to me who is the negative people on here, and it's not the Boom "minions" as put by one. Seem's that most on here are supporting Keith. As they should, they all alike. They all just sit around and bitch. Bringing NOTHING to the table to get things done. You all need to keep supporting him cause you are him...at the behest of the rest of us in the 3rd ward.
We are sick & tired of the constant "Meyer maham." Embarrassing.
Voting Boom, and can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I will vote Boom as well. He has a much better skill set then Meyer could ever even hope to achieve.

Anonymous said...

It's still early, I'm hoping someone with half a brain steps forward in the 3rd ward and runs against these two. It's like picking the best of the worst. No matter what, the 3rd ward still looses.

Bill Boom said...

In response to the comment regarding working with staff.

Please let me clarify, I never used the word obstacle. Most of my experiences with city staff have been wonderful and rewarding. These are some very committed and caring individuals who work hard for you.

I have to admit I also encountered some challenges along the way. In fact, I expected it. I am accustom to dealing with staff and understand how to accomplish my mission with their dignity still intact.

In my CG life, I have been a staff officer as well as directed staffs ranging into 150 officers. I look forward to the opportunity to challenge city staff with some of the problems facing the 3rd Ward.

I will put the issues raised by the citizens of the 3rd Ward before the city council and challenge our staff to provide plans to solve these issues.

By contrast, Keith rants at staff, keeping them busy chasing data for issues long past.

I intend to keep them busy making the 3rd Ward a better place to live.

Please give me the opportunity to prove I can!

Ps: Hopefully my spelling will also improve now that I figured out how to use the spell check on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Keith Meyers should run on the CAVE Party Ticket...

Citizens Against Virtually Everything