Friday, June 15, 2007

601st Post Open Thread

While signing into Blogspot this morning to throw up this Open Thread, I noticed that the previous post was the 600th for the Quad City Images blog. The 500th would have been more of a milestone, but I guess I wasn't paying attention whenever I hit that.

Here's an image from last night's Bix at 6. For those of you who in the last 2 years have decided to become appalled by this event, I recommend crossing the route at 4th and Iowa. The cop there was letting cars go across sooner than they would waiting for the light, and the only time that its completely too busy to cross is when the initial crowd comes by for maybe 10 minutes at 6:02 or so. That's around the time I took this picture.I might actually have several posts today, although every time I make that claim I get too busy to write them all. We'll see.


pioneer98 said...

Did you see Blackhawk College may auction off WQPT's broadcasting license to the highest bidder? It just seems wrong that Blackhawk would try to profit from a non-profit that is supported by the community. Blackhawk should either give the license to WQPT, or give it to another group (like St. Ambrose) who will agree to take them in. Or, at a minimum, they should sell it at a discount to whoever wants to take it over.

To add insult to injury, I heard Blackhawk didn't pay a dime for the license, but now a consultant is telling them they should try to sell it for $2.5 million. This is all just rumor right now. Who knows what will happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Blackhawk could sell or give it to anybody on the Iowa side because Iowa Public Television has a transmitter in the Quad Cities. IPT would probably claim they have the PBS rights to a station in eastern Iowa.

hoganj300 said...

It would be nice for St. Ambrose to take over the license, but then to have it continue to operate at Blackhawk would not work. The studios would have to move closer to Ambrose or on-campus. While I don't see Augie taking over this, I could see WIU-QC as an other option.

I was down at the Sturgis and the Vietnam War Wall on the riverfront tonight and I realized that it is definitely not possible to fit all the bikes onto one street (Priester Drive)with the planned developmnet for Cenntenial Park. Marquette Street will have to be used for the event and bikes. I'm also having doubts about getting rid of Biederbecke Drive in the park. I hope when this plan was developed, planners of this event were consulted. It doesn't sound like they want to move the rally back to downtown for safety reasons, so it should stay in the park.

QuadCityImages said...

I thought you wanted to get rid of all streets and parking!

The Centennial Park plan allows for vehicles to be parked on the grassy festival areas, I believe.

pioneer98 said...

And here I thought I was the only one still watching WQPT via antenna! I don't think WQPT would be moving their transmitter, they would only be moving their studios. Because of that, I don't know if they would be limited to the Illinois side.