Sunday, June 10, 2007

Baseball movie and a good blog post

Just a couple of things this morning:

Baseball movie to be filmed at John O'Donnell Stadium -QCTimes
This is pretty neat stuff, especially if it shows Davenport in a good light. Hopefully it won't be something like Dominican baseball player deals with hick farmers or something similarly stereotypical. The fact that they chose a stadium that sits near 2 downtowns gives me some hope that it will show the real Iowa, instead of the NYC idea of Iowa.

The $600,000 question -Information Swimming
Pioneer98 has a great post on his blog, and if any of you don't normally read it you should at least check this one out. It summarizes several of the things going on lately, and points out how divisive we, as Davenporters, seem to be.


Anonymous said...

Save $600,000.00 of funds raised by visitors to Davenport, through the hotel/motel tax levy, without the subsidy, loose millions of dollars those visitors spend. This is a common thread in many of the comments regarding the benefit of subsidizing the River Center.

Sound argument, solid business decision by the City Of Davenport. Only Keith Meyer could find fault. His no vote and comments quoted in the Quad City Times continues to demonstrate his absolute lack of commitment to downtown

Anonymous said...

Which real Iowa? The Iowa where the socially accepted wander around the ball park getting into their cars and driving home drunk. Or the part of Iowa that you find a few blocks each way of the stadium where hookers and drug dealers roam the street selling their service. And where the homeless and drunks urinate on the curbs. Or perhaps the real part of Davenport where the gangs wander the streets intimidating those incapable or unwilling to fight back. There is lots of Iowa to show, which fantasy locations do you wish them to incorporate in to the movie?

QuadCityImages said...

I would say all of that. What you didn't mention is what NYC Hollywood consists of, which is a farmer driving into a town that looks like the East Village to chat at the barbershop.

Anonymous said...

I would think the Adler brings in more people spending more money in downtown than the rivercenter and if I remember right from their dedication ceremony it doesn't even use city money anymore for its operations since it is now a private corporation.
What is the real IA? From the movies its vast plains of corn with cute little towns with no centers of business or cultural history.
To 10:23, are you talking about JOD or Wrigley Field?