Friday, June 22, 2007

2 upcoming ward meetings

Election time is coming up, so its time for everyone to start having ward meetings! Actually these 2 Alderman have had them before, so that's not fair criticism. We'll see if Dumas, Van Fossen, Howard, or Brooke suddenly has one.

Ian Frink, ald. at large, will host an all-wards meeting at 5 pm, Wed. June 27th, at the River Music Experience (2nd floor): corner of Main and Second. The meeting is the second in the city's third ward since taking office and first all-wards meeting downtown.

Topics of discussion will include current items before the council, an update on downtown and riverfront planning, and any other ideas brought forward by citizens.

Topics may be submitted prior to the meeting via email ( or by calling 563-508-2842.

From the QCTimes:
Alderman Barney Barnhill, 7th Ward, will host a ward meeting from 6-7:30 p.m. June 28 at Kaplan University, 1801 E. Kimberly Road, Davenport. Attendees should use the north entrance.
Topics up for discussion will include current items before the council and any other ideas brought forward by residents.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody else have an Idea who is running?

Wasn't there a blog that kept track of who was running?

To Keep the Voters informed.

cruiser said...

Doc Davis is running for mayor, and Boom is running for 3rd ward. Rumors are out there, who knows if they're true or not. Here's a couple of rumors I heard-
Jamie Howard-mayor
Bill Lynn-Alderman-at-large
Wally-5th ward

QuadCityImages said...

Why would Lynn do that? He already has a vote, its not like being At-Large gets you anything.

Also, I don't know if Jamie would run against Winborn if he runs again, which I believe he is.

I've heard from Wally that he IS running, then more recently, I've heard from someone else that he's not.

Anonymous said...

Wally's a great guy but I think he is worth a whole lot more to us on the outside of the arena. But if he does run, he's got my vote.

Nathan Brown said...

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