Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Too Busy to Blog Open Thread

I'm flying off to Phoenix Thursday morning, and I have been too busy preparing for that to really write about anything since the 6th Street post. On a side note, I have been pleased with the good discussion on the last couple posts. I wasn't too busy to get out and play a little home run derby Saturday, but I've been waiting all winter for this summer's first swing of the bat.

There are a couple of posts I've been thinking about writing, but they may have to wait until I get back Tuesday.

I'm sure I'll manage to post something from the desert though.

Here's a link, just for the heck of it. I really hope Michelle Wie makes her 3rd trip to the John Deere Classic this year. The QC area is practically her second home from some of the comments that have come from her dad. Hopefully Quad City folks will get another chance to watch her play here, and thank her in person for her generosity to Travis Hearn.


Joseph said...

This was sent me by a friend in Iowa City. Glad to see there is finally some momentum on this.

Press Conference to Announce
Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition

Quad Cities – On Friday, May 11th, Rock Island County Chairman Jim Bohnsack will be joined by the Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce and area supporters of passenger rail service to announce the creation of the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition (“QC Rail”), which is an advocacy group to promote passenger rail service between the Quad Cities and Chicago.

A press conference will be held at 9:30 am on May 11th outside the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Moline office, which was formerly a train depot.

Press Conference:

Friday, May 11, 2007


Quad City Convention and Visitors Bureau
(Former Moline Train Depot)

2021 River Drive in Moline

“It is extremely important for the Quad Cities to become better connected with the global economy in Chicago,” said Jeff Nelson, Illinois Quad City Chamber’s Board Chairman. “Improving our access to the regional, national, and international economic market and population base will increase the Quad Cities’ economic vitality and quality of life. The Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition’s creation shows how the Quad Cities is serious about establishing passenger rail service as soon as possible.”

“With the committed leadership from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and ongoing feasibility studies to expand passenger rail service in Illinois, QC Rail will assist the efforts of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Amtrak, and the growing number of supporters in the Quad Cities to make passenger rail a reality,” explained Jim Bohnsack.

QC Rail intends to provide support to local, state, and federal governmental agencies, including Amtrak and the Illinois Department of Transportation; elected officials; and the Quad Cities community in determining how best to implement passenger rail service between the Quad Cities and Chicago. QC Rail will also monitor the progress of implementing passenger rail service in the Quad Cities and make this information available to the public. QC Rail will serve as a spokesperson to the media and other appropriate outlets on behalf of its members and the Quad Cities.

Quad City area residents, elected officials, community leaders, businesses, and other interested individuals are encouraged to join the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition at to show their support for passenger rail service.

butom said...

How do i support the passenger rail supporters? Where do i sign up?