Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swedish Olive Block

When I took this picture my intent was to use it for a "Where in the QC is this?" I even edited out the address. Then I discovered that simply Google-searching for the phrase reveals its location, so that's a bit too easy. Here's the image anyway, and the info that Google found.

Here's what Moline's downtown brochure says about it (PDF here)
This three-story Prairie School style building, designed by Moline Architect H.W. Whitsitt, was built in 1909 for the Swedish Olive Lodge Illinois Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.). Note the building’s numerous columns in relief, each topped with a decorative stone, the multi-paned windows and the dropped cornice. The street level is divided into four units and has housed a wide variety of tenants through the years. The second-floor meeting rooms and office space and the third floor auditorium were utilized by the Swedish Olive Lodge until 1988.
Anyone have any stories about this, or history with the Order of Odd Fellows? Also, none of this description really says where its located, so does anyone even know that? Maybe its a Where in the QC? after all.


Anonymous said...

Also, none of this description really says where its located...

Huh? Right above the description you quoted it says "1305 & 1307 5th Ave." Heck, there's even a map:

But if that's not good enough, here's a nice aerial view:

I win.

QuadCityImages said...

Well, I meant MY description.

Although its good to know that some people actually click on my links.