Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning in July

I was out and about downtown this morning, and got a few photos. The Freight House Farmer's Market was packed even more than usual, but I've found there's not a great vantage point to take pictures of its success. The Florian Keen lot was full, the Freight House lot was full, people were parking under the Centennial Bridge, and the Community Health Care lot was almost full. Clearly someone needs to build some condos or market rate apartments in that area to cash in on that kind of amenity.

Anyway, here are the images:

This new Bix mural looks great.

The new mural at 4th and Pershing. This is on the southeast corner, across from last year's mural on the northwest corner.

Hotel Blackhawk progress. I believe the 3rd level of the new addition is going to be a pool.

Forrest Block Progress! Its so nice to be able to say that, and it will be great for Bix runners to finally see progress next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Walked thru the Blackhawk and it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

We will get a chance to see how the new planters on River Drive work as flood control. Will they reduce the amount of work required to contain the water?

QuadCityImages said...

I'm wondering that as well. It seems like they would at least reduce the amount of dirt/clay needed to make the berm, although they will increase the care needed not to smash an endloader into one...

I'll be down there this evening taking some pictures.