Monday, July 26, 2010

Flood 2010 Saturday PM - Monday AM

Alternate title: We got 99 problems but the Bix ain't one.

I went out both Saturday night and this morning to take some pictures of the flood preparations. They seem to be going pretty well, and the river seems to be rising a little slower than projected, so hopefully we can come out of this one relatively unscathed. Here are a whole bunch of images from both Saturday night and this morning.
Saturday night, while thousands partied downtown at the Bix Street Fest, Public Works was busy building the usual temporary berm. This year it appears it was made easier by the new concrete median planters.

Preparations near Bechtel Park and Iowa Street.

Berm work on Saturday night, and this morning.

LeClaire Park on Saturday night, and this morning.

Union Station, looking like a fort with its surrounding berm.

Kraft had their wall across Rockingham ready Saturday night, and Rock Island had already begun installing their new removable gates in Schwiebert Park.

This area of Schwiebert Park is north of the floodwall and designed to flood, which its starting to do.

Even more gates being installed at Schwiebert Park. They're also in the midst of fixing some drainage issues around the sprayground, unrelated to the flood.


Anonymous said...

Really proud of the City of Davenport and how they have this down. Maybe some extra OT and material cost, but it's an easy trade for an open/accessible river front 45 weeks a year!!

Way to go!!!

AndreAnna said...

I just got the e-mail from my CSA pick-up that the closed the Farmer's market for tomorrow! Guess I gotta make a trip out to the farm!! :)

Great shots.

Anonymous said...

River Drive is looking nice from Oscar Meyer to the Government Bridge. As for the medians, they are not that bad as long as you know how to drive.

Anonymous said...

what's going on with the paint job on the river walk apartments?