Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bix 2010 Images

So, it wasn't exactly one of our greatest Bix days. Between the weather issues last night, such as the smashed truck seen on the right, the terrible death of the Galesburg coach, or the general soaking of 15,000 runners and however many tens of thousands of spectators, things could have gone better. Now we have imminent flooding to deal with, which we'll survive as we generally do. As always, things could have been worse. Despite the rain, thousands of people got together for a good time in Davenport. Next year lets hope for blue skies to show off the renovated Blackhawk and Forrest Block buildings.

It looks like most of the registered runners and walkers could not be deterred by a little rain.

The men's winner, Ryan Hall, and the women's winner, Lisa Koll, each heading down 3rd Street towards the finish line.

Some of the earlier finishers. While there were fewer spectators downtown than a dry Bix, I was impressed with how many people came out to support the runners.

This is an angle you don't see too much, which is the Quick Bix runners coming down Perry Street to an early finish. I've done the 2 mile version a couple times, and its always pretty deserted spectator-wise once you turn off of the main route. It does ensure that you get to the post-race party while the good snacks are still available though, and you don't get that "Why do I do this?" feeling that you do coming back on Kirkwood...


Anonymous said...

Is that a parking ticket on the smashed truck??

Anonymous said...

TO: 1:24

Of course it's a ticket. Davenport has the reputation for compassion for citizens during a crisis.


Anonymous said...

How about those poor spectators at the Bix who didn't immediately return to their cars after the race and got towed. The Times this morning said that they were not ticketed before being towed, but the article didn't say anything about the $125 towing fee being waved. Not to mention comming back to where you'd parked to find your car gone, and thinking it was stolen by some drug dealer, prostitute, or homeless person to get out of the rain.

Welcome To Davenport !!!

QuadCityImages said...

I believe the "ticket" on the smashed truck relates to the fact that the city cut off some of the branch to clear the street, although I'm not sure what it would say.

I don't believe there was any charge for the towing, and they didn't tow them to Fred's or the usual places, but just to a lot north of the railroad tracks. Although I know many of you could never admit it if the city did something logical.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Freds a thing of the past? I think the city contracted with some outfit in the boondocks on Schmidt Road to tow. Someone was at a council meeting complaining that it wasn't open 24 hrs, and also that people were getting jacked with huge costs to pick up their towed cars.