Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center: Part 2

Here are a couple of interior pictures that I took at the new Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf this past Monday night. The place is nice, but really no different than what the River Center would look like if it were built today.

I didn't have time to explore, but I believe the stairs at the end of the 2nd image lead to the casino and hotels via the skywalk across the railroad tracks.


Anonymous said...

I read this blog alot and like a lot of what you have to say. You seem to look at things from all angles and offer your fair opinion. But you do seem to always have a chip on your shoulder about Bettendorf.
It is what it is.
Every metro area has a suburban area that more wealthy soccer moms and dads gravitate towards.

Anonymous said...

As I was watching all the people stream into the RiverCenter for the pool tournament this week, I couldn't help but how things might have turned out if the IOC had been allowed to convert it into a casino-hotel complex.

Granted, the relationship between the IOC and the city at the time was sour and public sentiment was firmly against it.

However, after visiting the new Jumer's facility in SW Rock Island, I'm not so sure that an "urban center" style casino complex - something unique in the state - might not have been a decent thing for downtown Davenport going forward.

But that's all water under the bridge, now. Hopefully, a restored Blackhawk Hotel will lead to some much needed immprovement of the aging RiverCenter.

QuadCityImages said...

9:53, Its true that I'm not a big fan of Bettendorf. I feel they're somewhat of a leech onto Davenport in a way that none of the other QC's are. Without Davenport's cultural amenities, fire protection, sewage treatment, etc, Bettendorf would have to choose between not offering these services, or raising their property taxes to cover them themselves like a real city.

I guess my main issue is I don't believe they consider themselves simply a suburb.

I fully agree that a downtown, urban casino would provide a unique product in the gambling world of cookie cutter casinos. (Riverside, Casino RI)
However, I don't think that the River Center was ever the best option. There are several properties downtown with room for a casino, hotel, and parking garage. Continuing to use Isle of Capri to operate Davenport's casino license is also not ever the best option either. Hopefully the Mayor's vague comments are backed by actual city progress in booting them out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any city right outside of Chicago or any other large city feels like they shouldn't consider themselves a "real city". Or that they are nothing more than a leech. So you think Bettendorf should constantly be apologizing for it's self?
I'm not saying Bettendorf isn't typical boring suburban sprawl. But typical is the word. Thats what big cities like Davenport or the Quad Cities create.
No use holding it in disdain.