Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Illinois Election Day Open Thread

While I rarely get into the Illinois-side politics, I figured I stick up a discussion thread.

The only race I've followed at all is the one for Rock Island Mayor. Fortunately, the 2 candidates who are still actively running are the better 2 of the 3 who started out. David Kimbell, who dropped out after the deadline for having his name taken off the ballot, has some odd opinions about the riverfront. Here's what he had to say in this QCTimes article:

Kimbell said he is also opposed to the park plan and would like to see a development that will bring in jobs.

“I would rather see the city try to bring is some kind of manufacturing,” he said. “It would be a good place for it because the (Casino Rock Island) riverboat will be moved and we need something to replace it.”

Yikes. Replace Casino Rock Island with manufacturing? I can think of a few better uses for what is basically Rock Island's "front yard." Such as... Armory Park! Obviously I shouldn't judge a candidate on one view, but this comment sure seems nutty. David Levin thinks RI should slow down development on Armory Park, which I also disagree with, but at least that's a position with some logical arguments behind it. So I guess consider this my un-endorsement of the candidate who's already dropped out.

Update Wednesday morning: Its a tie! Or at least close to one. We'll see if this race goes on as long as Minnesota's senate contest.

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