Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iowa’s Front Porch Parkway – Public Open House

How about River Boulevard? -QCTimes

Here's a press release from the city about Thursday night's open house:

Iowa’s Front Porch Parkway – Public Open House
Thursday, April 23rd 2009
4-6:00 p.m.
Design Center
102 E 2nd Street (parking in ramp above)

The City of Davenport will be showcasing preliminary design concepts—and seeking public input—on the latest installment of RiverVision. River Drive downtown—Iowa’s Front Porch Parkway—has great potential to create a strong link between the downtown and our vibrant riverfront, and has been identified in RiverVision as a key component of our downtown waterfront revitalization. Landscape enhancements are being considered to enrich the visitor experience, create safer pedestrian crossings, and provide an opportunity for public art, strengthening the identity of our river front and downtown as the cultural nexus of the Quad Cities.

The public is invited to view the preliminary concept plans for greening River Drive, and is encouraged to provide feedback. The input received at this exhibition will be valuable in helping to determine the final design for downtown River Drive.

The exhibition is informal. As such, there will not be a formal presentation or start time. The public is invited to peruse the concepts anytime between 4-6 p.m., to ask questions of City Staff, and to provide much desired input. Come when you can, and stay as long as you want.

For more information, contact Darrin Nordahl, City Designer
And here are some maps and artists concepts of what this could look like.
(As always, click on any image to see a larger version)

A detailed look at a possible planter design.

This is the impressive pair of images. What River Drive looks like now, above, and what it could look like, in the lower image.

The overall project area.

A possible design for one block's median.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but I hope they widen the streets a little bit. At some places, it seems a little crowded.


QuadCityImages said...

I believe the idea is for it to be a bit crowded, so people slow down.

Anonymous said...

I love this, but I wonder how well those shrubs (looks like japanize lilac (sp) along the curb in front of the freight house will survive the salt of the winter months.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that people will slow down and with that road being a truck route.


Anonymous said...

This looks good on paper, and I wish it could look like the concept drawings, but it's much more likely that whatever plants that are placed there will not do well. Has anyone said who will maintain them? I'm guessing snow plows will also gouge those barrier walls; hopefully they'll be set back a foot or two from the curbline.

Anonymous said...

Guess I didn't look closely enough at the drawings. It does show the planter set back from the curb...that's a good thing.

QuadCityImages said...

Right on the 2nd image from the top it says that the planters will be a foot back from the curb. Also, the flowers and such at the foot of the Centennial Bridge have done alright, so I think it can be done.

As far as Nitrous's point about people slowing down, I think you'll be surprised. Street design has a definite affect on how fast people go. Think of West Central Park, East Locust, and East 53rd. All 3 are 4 lane streets that don't generally have a center turn lane, yet people travel very different speeds on them. Central Park has narrow lanes, so people go slower. Another example would be comparing East 46th, which is 2 lanes with parking on both sides but is about 60 feet wide, with a smaller 2 lane street with parking on both sides. I think you'll find that people go much slower on the narrower street, regardless of speed limits.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! They need to do this. This will make the downtown less cold and give visitors a lot better impression of our downtown.

Anthony Heddlesten said...

It needs trees so there is less of the heat island effect that cities are so notorious for. Otherwise a nice idea.