Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning Assortment

Friday night activities
Listening to the police radio Friday night, I heard a call of shots fire near the Skybridge. It caught my attention because as I've said on here many times, that sort of thing doesn't happen in that part of downtown. And I was right, because it didn't happen. Apparently the Children of the Corn remake is being filmed at least partly in downtown Davenport, and they were filming Friday night. I haven't seen the original, but I pictured it using more rural locations. All I can figure is they were using the fronts of maybe the USBank and Redstone building, which could maybe look at home in a county-seat sized farm town.

Unfortunately, I heard yet another call to the Mississippi Lofts. Fortunately it was nothing major, but it is still not good. I hope the group that will be managing the apartments being built in the former Salvation Army building takes note of the fact that less mixed income apparently means more problems. The downtown core is safe, so the last thing we need is some of our newest developments bringing in bad elements.

Ballpark hosts Riverfront Pops concert -QCTimes
I have been to quite a few of the Riverfront Pops concerts, and this one was about the best they could have hoped for without using LeClaire Park. Everything ran smoothly, and the actual music was great. As I commented on the article, it just didn't have the same feel as LeClaire Park. I think being able to see the river from just about any seat, and watching dozens of boats bobbing in the river nearby really adds something. Also an our of cold rain doesn't help. I'll probably put some images of the concert and the crowd up later sometime.

Gluba has global vision for Davenport -QCTimes
I'm surprised at the negative reactions to this one, although I shouldn't ever be surprised at negative reactions on the internet. What's the harm in working with sister cities to potentially lure new businesses and manufacturing on the QC area? Sure, it may not work, but I appreciate the effort. People don't seem to understand that the city is capable of doing more than one thing at a time. Just because the Mayor is trying to drum up business overseas, doesn't mean that the rest of city functions will suffer.

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Anonymous said...

YOU actually finally admit that the mixed income living has more problems. When did you get your head out and become a realist? I thought you believed that economics had nothing to do with crime QCI?