Thursday, September 04, 2008

LST 325 Open Thread

I only took a few pictures during the excellent self-guided tour, so here are 3 of them. I was happy to see that 16,000 people took advantage of this great opportunity to visit a piece of WWII history right here in the QC.

Here's one of several 20mm deck guns, and a shot of the long line people were willing to wait in for a tour. Despite getting there at 9:05 Monday morning, my dad and I still waited in line for half an hour before we got onboard.

Other than the LST stuff, consider this an open thread.


Matt said...

i was driving by there right at that time, and couldn't believe the line. this ship took part in d-day, correct? my head's been in the sand lately due to tons of busywork, but if i would have known about it sooner, i would have planned on stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Not D-Day itself, but the day after D-Day. See the history page.