Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Library, signs, and the other bridge

A few assorted items this morning...

Public offered sneak peek of new Davenport library -QCTimes
Tonight (Tuesday) at 6 PM
at Grace Evangelical Free Church, 5520 Eastern
If you don't go to the meeting or somehow let your input be known, you lose the right to complain later. Folks still will, of course. I'm hoping to attend, but may not make it.

Shrunken SCC sign still irks neighbors -QCTimes
These folks need to get a hobby. Anyone who moved into that area in the nearly 40 years since the campus opened in 1969 knew that they were moving in across from a college. If they'd looked into it at all, they could have easily found out that the college planned to grow. Common sense says they don't have all that land for nothing. If you don't want signs or headlights, don't move to a decently busy street near a high school and college! For those neighbors that have lived there since before 1969, it is indeed unfortunate.

As always I don't want to start a Democrat vs Republican political debate on here, but does anyone find it interesting that our inaccurately-labeled "bridge to nowhere" is now a long way from being the most famous one?


Anonymous said...

Which of Palin's bridgeS to nowhere were you referencing the one to the island or the one to her hometown of 7000?

Besides the skybridge compared to those bridges probably receives more traffic and costs a hell of a lot less.

Anonymous said...

Just beause one doesn't go to a meeting does not mean one loses the right to complain. Hey stupid.

Anonymous said...

The issue with the sign at SCC....there were many meetings in which neighbors were able to go and view the sign and ask questions and make comments. They knew what was going to happen. Also, the ENGINEERS picked the spot most equal based on the hill and curve to create a safer turn lane and to help with the traffic issue so people coming up the hill and those coming around the corner would have the best view and amount of time possible to stop. The Millers are crazy. The signage lighting will hit the CORNER of their side porch not their front windows. What a bunch of liars.

pioneer98 said...


QCI did say if you don't go to the meeting or somehow let your input be known then you lose your right to complain later.

QuadCityImages said...

I'm surprised nobody pointed out that I used the wrong form of "peek," which I noticed first thing this afternoon. Its fixed now.

As far as losing your right to complain, I stand by that. So many times there are meetings held for public input, and few members of the public show up. Then later various folks complain about whatever was decided at the meetings they couldn't bother to attend. As they say, the world is run by those who show up.

Anonymous said...

Wrong form of "new" also.We don't always have time to pick up after mr.images.