Monday, September 01, 2008

LST 325 and Jumer's Casino

Today and tomorrow (Tuesday) are your last chances to see the LST 325 Memorial docked in Moline. I plan to tour it today. I was over there on Saturday, and the line stretched about 2 blocks long. I'd say the ship is being very well received in the Quad Cities, and hopefully they're raising a lot of money for its restoration and upkeep. If I get any good additional pictures during the tour I'll also post them.

LST (Landing Ship Tank) 325, ready to help invade Moline.

Also today, I have a few construction shots of Rock Island's new Jumer's Casino, submitted by a helpful reader. With gas prices being what they are, I don't make it all over the QC to take pictures anymore.

As far as I know, this casino still has a Styrofoam basement with water running underneath it, waterfilled bladders supporting the floor, or some similar trickery to be considered a "floating casino."

So although I posted images of 2 things that could technically considered boats, I don't think they could possibly be more different from each other.

And finally, happy Labor Day folks.

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