Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skatepark-area Construction Images

The entire skatepark is open again. According to an early morning skater, the deep bowl reopened sometime last week.

Construction is coming along on the pavilion, despite the 2 week flood delay. I wonder if the basketball courts will be popular, considering the amount of neighborhood courts around the city. If they are even a fraction as well-received as the skatepark, the concession business should be very profitable. I'm sure the gas station across the street will miss out on some business, but it will sure be safer to not have kids running back and forth across River Drive.


Anonymous said...

QCI - What happen to all the links on the side, that allowed access to other blogs/web sites.
Not showing up...?

Anonymous said...

They are WAY at the bottom of the page.

Matt said...

nothing has changed for my view. i'm using a mac, and both Safari and Camino have this site looking exactly the same is it always has.

QuadCityImages said...

I see now that my html lesson and its extra-long link code that I posted has broken the site in Internet Explorer. It will go away when that post drops off the bottom, or if I go back and change the post.

As a recommendation, I would download FireFox, because it is superior to IE in essentially every way. It is also a lot more secure. I only use FireFox, and the blog looks fine, so that's why I hadn't noticed. There's a link to download it below. (way below, I guess)