Thursday, May 29, 2008

A couple meetings tonight

The future of Credit Island and Neighborhood Infill Standards. Two important subjects and unfortunately I won't be able to make either of them. If any of you readers attend, feel free to offer your review in the comments.

From the city website:

Neighborhood Infill Design Standards
– Public Informational Meeting

Infill development refers to new construction of residential buildings in established neighborhoods. In response to community concerns about the quality and design compatibility of infill development in Davenport, the Staff of the Community and Economic Development Department has been researching alternatives on addressing the issue.

Staff has developed a set of standards and reviewed them with the City Council. Prior to formal consideration, Council has requested staff review the final draft of the standards at a public meeting. The meeting will be held:

Thursday, May 29, 2008
5:30 p.m.
City of Davenport Design Center
102 East Second Street (Across from the Radisson)

If attendees have photographs of infill development in their neighborhood, both good and bad, please bring them to the meeting. Everyone is invited!

Credit Island Master Plan
– Public Informational Meeting

Mayor Bill Gluba, First Ward Alderman Nathan Brown and Aldermen-at-Large Ian Frink and Gene Meeker remind the public of an informational meeting to receive input on how Credit Island can best serve the public. The purpose of this meeting is to find a cross section of citizens who would be interested in helping the City develop a master plan for Credit Island Park. City leaders are encouraging people with an interest in conservation and recreation to attend so
a task can be formed from this nucleus of people interested in the island. Many ideas have been expressed for the better utilization of Credit Island, including recreational vehicle camping, fishing spots, boat docking, wildlife and bird sanctuary, golf and driving range, rugby, baseball and soccer fields. The City hopes that both individuals and groups that frequent the park will come and offer to serve on this task force. The informational meeting will be held:

Thursday, May 29, 2008
7 PM
Credit Island Pavilion
2200 West River Drive

Credit Island will be open to the public only for this special meeting. Until cleanup is complete, the park is off limits to the general public.

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hoganj300 said...

I wan't able to make it the meeting, but I want to get the point across that any new development plan for Credit Island has to include the ability for high schools and colleges to continue holding cross country practices and meets there. Credit Island is an jewel for runners as it is one of the fastest and flattest courses in Iowa and Illinois. I have ran many meets there in high school and college. There has to be room in order to conitinue the meets and that includes portions of the golf course.