Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And the flood goes away

I joked to a friend that I could just post the images of the river rising in reverse order instead of taking new pictures as the floodwaters recede, but that wouldn't really fool anyone.

Judging simply by the fact that this coffee cup stayed on the serving counter of the Levee Inn through the whole flood, I'd say this one wasn't as bad as '86.

The temporary berm is gone, and I'd guess River Drive is in for a cleaning today. Its already all open except for the section where the berm was, between 3rd and Brady. In the right image, we can see that the casino has resurrected their sandbag wall, and reopened. LeClaire Park doesn't look too bad, but we'll see if it recovers in time for this summer's festivals.

Credit Island hasn't gotten much attention during this flood, so it will be interesting to see how this park weathered the flood.

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Moe said...

Credit Island floods so often, they need to stop blowing money on the golf course, etc., and just have it as a nice nature park. Costs too much to fix up the other stuff time after time.