Sunday, February 24, 2008

QC Flames 2008 Jersey Auction

Friday night was the annual Genesis Jersey Auction after the Flames game.
Here's the QCTimes article about both the game and the auction.

Carsen Germyn got a hat trick on his birthday, it was the second highest attendance this season, and the Flames won 6-2. The game was great, and the auction was even better than I expected. Over $30,000 was raised for charity. In between the auctioning, seen above in the video, were various skits and contests. Dodgeball on the ice, a home run derby on the ice, sumo wrestling on the ice, figure skating, and stripping, all done by AHL hockey players. It's definitely something you can't see anywhere else. Pretty much all of those things can be found on YouTube already.

The QC Flames logo at center ice, and the game's First Star, Carsen Germyn.


Matt said...

i was at the game too - my first since the Mallards days. the overall tempo seemed much more to my style - hardly any fights (i don't remember any in the first two periods, but i could be mistaken) and a lot faster action; better passing and better setups of shots on goal. i liked the new panoramic screen that spans the bottom of the upper deck. and man... a lot of people threw their hats on the ice for the hat trick. nice.

i was expecting some ridiculous prices on food and beer, and although some people might disagree with me here, i thought what you paid for what you got was actually quite fair. i'm pretty sure the $4 beer was 16oz and that's not awful. my sporting event/county fair chicken strips and fries filled me up and were about 5 bucks or so. when you starting comparing a fun night like that to a night at the movies, you see it's not that bad.

the only thing about those games are the oddball drunks. when i was leaving with my group of friends, i almost cut in between a family that was exiting the doorway, so i held off and said "whoops - go ahead." with a smile. the father was about my age and had a 4 year old (or so) son. from out of no where, i got a really slurred "you're not sorry... why did you say you're sorry... you're a liar. YOU'RE A LIAR!!!..." (etc etc) all while he was holding his kid's hand. the guy got scolded by his wife, and i gave a firm "i was just nice to you, man - you're with your child, so go home and sober up, dude." it cleared up, but it really sucks to have to deal with something like that every time i see a game there. i noticed some of the older folks around us getting rather uncomfortable for that brief period of time too. that's not cool.

pioneer98 said...

I hear a lot of people talk about problems with drunks, but I've been to probably 120+ games and I've only ever had 1 problem like that.

I guess it makes a difference where you sit. I always try to sit in a section with a lot of season ticketholders. They are all good fans and most don't drink, and the few that do don't turn obnoxious.

More annoying Friday was a few 100% sober high school kids sitting near us that thought it would be fun to yell at a certain opposing player whenever he came on the ice. Thankfully, that pretty much ended after the 1st period.

Robbie C. said...

glad you made it to a game. we didn't got friday as we are still a bit burnt out after catching like 9 home games in a row. we are going today as its the last home game for a couple weeks.

having those big crowds definitely makes it funner. i wish more people would come out and check out the team. we have been to i think 17 games now and love every one.

regarding the food/beverage price, i don't think its bad at all. the food is great. you can get a chicken strip basket for under 5 bucks or a really good pasta bake for under 5 bucks. even the happy joes slices aren't too awful. the drinks are a bit pricey, but thats where these companies make their money. i don't drink beer, so i have a different perspective than most. but soda isn't too bad. we used to get the bottles but they were 3.75 for 20oz. now we just get a large fountain drink instead.

Robbie C. said...

p.s. qci - did i see you registered on the flames message board?

Anonymous said...

I know this is out of the subject, but I see in a story in the Leader on Friday that Susy Bell is moving to Arizona ! Man, things really are improving in Davenport government, but oh so boring !

QuadCityImages said...

Robbie, if you're talking about CalgaryPuck, then yep. I got on there pretty early to help answer some of the "Quad Cities? huh?" questions from the Canadians. They all seemed very, very impressed with our arena. The LED scoreboard along the 2nd deck that Matt mentioned is called a ribbon board in the US, and apparently a "power ring" in Canada. Its something that just came to top-level pro sports in the last few years, so its impressive that the iWC already has one.

pioneer98 said...

Yeah, the Calgary fans were surprised to see the iwC already had a ribbon board because they just got one in Calgary maybe a year before the Mark did.

If beverage prices really bug you at the didn't hear this from me, but I've heard of people occasionally sneaking in a 20oz soda in their winter jacket.