Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogger's Block Open Thread

I've been meaning to post something the last few days, but I've got nothin. Since my car show picture thread failed to gather any comments whatsoever, here's an Open Thread.

I should be visiting the Da Vinci exhibit today, so although I doubt they allow cameras, I may at least have my take on the exhibit.

I wonder if not having council members in and out of jail, in the news for various issues, or suing anyone is making for more boring blogging? Or maybe its just this dang weather.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Davenport Friendly House plan to provide towels to the homeless and allow them to take showers at their facility? There was a media announcement for this a couple years ago.Social agencies in Illino is serving the homeless made the comment that they had room for the homeless in their facilities but they would not take them if they were dirty or not drug free.But John Lewis would.Maybe Davenport Promise can help.

Anonymous said...

Last City Council meeting – 35 minutes long, asked for public comment and there was none. I am not sure, but I don’t think there has been any public comment since the new council began.

All of the new and some of the existing council members are actively holding ward meetings to get input and provide communication to their constituents. Third Ward went even a step further and is forming an advisory committee to help the alderman be responsive to their needs.

The circumstances have changed considerably and it seems as though the residents of Davenport see the positive changes and are willing to give the new council a chance to perform.

I guess what should be said is thank you to the City Council and Mayor. So far, you are doing what you were elected to do.

Now, if only we could put Jim Fisher in a jar with all of his second hand smoke and hot air, there would really be nothing to talk about.

Anonymous said...

thanks brucey boy

Anonymous said...

I think that people are rally not sure what to comment on frankly. I personally I don't see my city improving any. Bill Boom: THere are still the same crappy drug houses operating in your ward. What are you doing about them?

Anonymous said...

I sure get tired hearing Barney talking just to hear himself talk. He doesn’t bring up anything new he just "dovetails" on what others are saying. He is always in such a hurry to get the meetings over and run to Mac's or Pat McGuire's.

What a waste for the 7th ward.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Anonymous said...

I feel the same, but what do you do with the lack of a better candidate in the seventh.
Babling Barney is better than another landlord sitting on the council.

pioneer98 said...

10:07 - Hey, I think you're right that the Davenport Promise could help with the homeless situation. Part of the Promise idea is to require a certain number of community service hours to qualify. Maybe they could perform community service for social agencies helping the homeless.

Anonymous said...

2/12 3:03, did you really expect your alderman to come into office and rid the ward of drug houses in the 1st month? These central city wards have been negelected for so long, it will take some time to get them turned around. Give the aldermen a chance.
I think we finally have a good group. Hopefully in the next election we can rid ourselves of the 3 left over againsters and we can finally move this city ahead.

Anonymous said...

I get a chuckle on how Barnhill critizes the people who do speak at the meetings, and yet as previously stated he dove tails on everyones comment. Have you ever notice how Barnhill always say "and for the viewing public". Sometimes I think he believes he is still running for office. Is it possible there are no issues in the 7th ward and this is the only way people will know he is there.

There was public comment a couple of weeks ago. It was interesting. I do wish public comment was still earlier in the meeting. Often issues that were presented could and would be address during the council meeting.
All in all the meetings seem to going smoothly.

Anonymous said...

What you are finally seeing, by moving the public comment down in the agenda, is the end of the Circus atmosphere that was Davenport for so long and made it the laughing stock of the Quad Cities. Only the bozos went up to verbally throw up on the rest of us, and even they don't believe in their comments enough to sit through entire meetings to speak. Good job to the new Mayor and Council You are to be commended for moving public comments.

Anonymous said...

This about public comment is a bunch of crap. The people who have spoken at meetings almost awlays sit through the entire meeting. It is those who get some honor that get up in leave after speaking. QCI , did it ever occur to you that this blog is boring because the host is boring.Like alcoholics you need to admit before you can improve.

Anonymous said...

Hey Poster at 2/14/2008 12:06 AM,
What is the address of YOUR blog??

Also, it's funny how people complained when Mayor Brook moved the public comments to the end of the meeting, and now your complaining that Mayor Gluba moved it back to the begnning. Some people are NEVER happy. How about we move it to the middle of the meeting?

P.S. QCI, you do a great job. Your blog is the first one I hit every day !!

Anonymous said...

I like the circus atmosphere. It was fun and interesting. Now, BORING.