Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Impending Storm #45 Assortment

I'm a self-proclaimed winter person, but this year is getting a bit ridiculous! I still prefer shoveling to mowing though.

Anyway, here are a few local news articles that caught my eye:

Wild Wednesdays on tap for Flames -QCOnline
The Flames are starting a new promotion for typically low-attendance Wednesday games. You can get upper bowl tickets for 5 bucks, and 12oz beers for 2 bucks. We'll see if the attendance increases, and if so, whether problem fans increase as well.

R.I. council chooses Armory Park design -QCOnline
Its hard to tell from the image on QCOnline (Note to them, enough with the watermarking already) but so far the plan seems alright. Here's the page with the final two options they had to choose from, although it sounds like they went with somewhat of a mixture of the two. The only thing I'm not big on is the ripping off of Millennium Park. Are the Quad Cities not good enough to come up with our own look?

Production director expects job cuts at KWQC -QCTimes
KWQC continues their depressing quest to lose their longtime #1 position for local news. I would definitely like to see the station be locally owned rather than watch them be screwed over because of Young Broadcasting's continued ineptitude. I'm no media expert, but I know that if I were Paula Sands, Marcia Lense, Sharon DeRycke, Mike Mickle or even Gary Metivier I'd be getting nervous. It seems like Young is ditching people who have been with their stations long enough to be paid well. This would be where I link to isupportswails.blogspot.com, where you can join the 3 dozen others showing their support on this little-known website.

Don't forget to consult this list of Ward Meetings, including tonight's in the 1st Ward with Alderman Brown.


Matt said...

The article mentions two outdoor skating rinks that Bill Nelson says don't attract many people. Where are they located at? Are there any on the iowa side of the river? I, for one, was really excited about an outdoor rink at the new RI park.

Robbie C. said...

i am all for promotions to get people to the flames games. we have been to 13 so far i think. and while it is nice to be able to walk up before the game and buy tickets for seats we want, it does suck not seeing many people there. seems logical to me that getting drunk cheap would be a pretty good incentive for a lot of people to show up. but i do hope they at least know a bit about hockey. i hate sitting by folks that just want them to fight every 30 seconds. it would be like me showing up at JOD wanting there to be a bench clearing brawl every inning. i guess i'm just an elitist hockey fan!

Robbie C. said...

i second matt's request to know where these rinks are. i would love to go ice skating.

pioneer98 said...

The only time I've ever had a problem at the Mark for a hockey game was a game vs Flint, when a bunch of drunks sat near us. It was also during the era when they had cut back on ushers for games at the Mark. One of the first things the new ownership group did was bring back a lot of ushers to keep an eye on problem fans, and to make fans wait to go back to their seats until there was a stoppage. If the ushers do their job, it should be OK.

Robbie C. said...

yeah, i haven't had any significant issues with fans, but it gets annoying when the people behind you keep talking the whole time about how they want to see more fights.

though at the last game before the road trip, we sat down behind the goal and there were these 2 kids playing and making a mess the entire game. the staff person repeatedly told them to stop, but nothing was ever done. i didn't see their parents the entire game. they made a mess out of the free newspapers that were given out, left food all over the place, and were loud and disruptive the whole time. i am all about allowing people to come and enjoy the game as they see fit, but c'mon that is a bit like using the game for daycare if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is an outdoor skating rink at Bass Street Landing in Moline that virtually no one uses.

Not sure on the second one.

Nathan Brown said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Due to weather, the First Ward Meeting has been cancelled. Thank-you for posting about it.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I'll miss the TV-6 crew. I've turned to channel 8 since Tiffani Tift left last summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if ANY of the local stations are locally owned.
If 6 can cut THAT many jobs in front and behind the camera either they were way over staffed or they wouldn't be able to continue to be on the air.
It does show a REAL lack of knowledge about the industry when you fire your staff during the first week of a ratings period.

Anonymous said...

3 more got their walking papers today.