Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quad City Photo Thread Update

I've posted my Quad City photo collection that I posted about last week to a few more forums and message boards. I'm done now, as I don't want to just spam the internet with QC images. Well... I'd like to, but I won't.

Here's the final list of places I've posted it. Each of these links goes directly to the thread I posted. Scroll past the images for the differing reactions, which are what I find interesting. Forums -just posted this one this morning Forums's Iowa Forums -City-Data used to be a site of frequent QC-bashing's Illinois Forums's Forums -Letting the Calgary Flames fans know where their farm team is

AbsoluteDSM's Forums -not as much interest here as I'd have expected


Anonymous said...

I don't know why the lack of interest on AbsoluteDM surprises you. People in the Des Moines area don't even think of the Quad-Cities as part of Iowa!

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, I've noticed that many DSM folks feel that Des Moines is to Iowa what Chicago is to Illinois, but that's far from the case.

Matt said...

QCI - As a cultural attraction? That's strange to me. The people I know that either grew up in Des Moines or spent any considerable part of their lives there all speak of it as an "un-progressive" (read: politically, socially conservative) town. obviously, any part of the Midwest is often stereotyped in this manner, and I try to fight against that in my own ways, but it seems that maybe that actually is the case with Des Moines.

I might not be the best sample case, but I've set foot alllllll over this great state, but oddly enough, never really in Des Moines for anything else than a quick pit stop en route to somewhere else. and i often travel several hours to see art shows and music concerts.

at any rate, i certainly don't want this to sound like smack-talk against the city, because it's not. i simply didn't know that vibe existed anywhere in our little online community. interesting.

so... does Sioux City "belong" to South Dakota then?

pioneer98 said...

Yeah, I've gotten into the debate on absoluteDSM. An example:

They say: "The District of Rock Island is cool, but too bad it's in Illinois."

I say: "Whatever state its in, it's 5 minutes from my house."

They fail to grasp that we have these things called "bridges" that go to Illinois and back. They also fail to grasp that many of our amenities do cater to the whole community regardless of the city they are in (for example, it's called the Quad City Botanical Cetner, not the Rock Island Botanical Center).

QCGUY said...

It's a Des Moines thing. You would be surprized how many people from Chicago know about and like the QCA. Where as many in Des Moines think there is the capital city and the surrounding farms that stretch all the way to the two rivers.

Some of it is our fault. We as a community do a poor job making people aware of what we have to offer. Keep up the good work QCI.

QuadCityImages said...

Where ya been qcguy? I assume this is the qcguy that used to post on aDSM.

Moe said...

When I lived in Chicago, the Chicago guys loved to come down to the QC - to hit up the district, Ross', our "gentlemen's" clubs, the casinsos, etc. They called it Little Vegas, and since it was much cheaper than going out in Chicago, it was a great attraction (and a great place for bachelor parties).

And the next day they could do all the family stuff like the botanical center or see a show at the mark.

QCI - Have you posted to the 515 Forums? All Iowa stuff.

qcguy said...

It's nice to be missed. I have been here. And I have kept up with QCI and AbsoluteDM. I just haven't been posting.