Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another new Alderman blog

Sixth Ward Alderman Jeff Justin has opened his new blog, which can be found at Aside from his opening post, he has also posted his viewpoints on the recent schedule changes. A big welcome to the blog world for another Alderman interested in interacting with his constituents in a new way. I've added the link over on the right.

This makes 4 Aldermen from the current crop (Hamerlinck, Frink, Brown, Justin) who have blogs so far. Alderman Lynn has a website and a newsletter, and I know most of the other Aldermen are computer-literate. Imagine a time when we have 11 blogs to correspond to our 11 elected officials. Each of them could explain their stances on various issues without anyone making 10 minute speeches at meetings justifying their vote. Folks, if your Alderman doesn't have a web presence at this time, please encourage them to start a blog. Even if they just post once a month or so, it would be a place that allows input and conceivably a back-and-forth discourse about the issues.

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