Tuesday, January 24, 2006

QCI Hates Jerks: Part 1

I went down to check out the skybridge damage today, after reading that another pane had been broken/shot out today. There might have to be a QCI stakeout this weekend, or maybe the DPD could use some of its new VIPS folks. The important thing, unless we plan on tearing the whole bridge down, is to fix the damage quickly every time it happens. This is the only way to fight vandalism, as one broken window left alone is contagious.
As you can see from the picture, the damage is on the backside of the North tower, where there's a pedestrian alley between the RME, Savitris, and the River Drive parking garage. This way the idiots were able to shoot out the windows without being seen from either River Drive or Second Street.
This shot shows the second area that was hit, which is on the 2nd floor. This alley seems like a perfect place to put some high resolution security cameras.

This part was kind of scary to me, mostly because I'd always assumed these inserts were plastic. For those of you that haven't been in the Skybridge, these are opaque glass inserts in the floor, that allow the LED lights to be seem from below the bridge, and also allow even more light in during the day. I haven't read if they think this damage is from vandals or something else. It could just be one of the dozens of these inserts was bad. This is located about at the midpoint of the bridge.
A shot of this was shown on QCOnline as though it were vandalism damage. Aside from the tiny gang sign done in marker on the railing, the rest of this "vandalism" was done by birds. Normally birds aren't an issue because there is some sort of sonic bird repeller located in the roof of the outside overlook at the south end of the Skybridge. Either its broken, or the birds got used to the sound, and decided to roost there anyway.

For whatever reason, the outdoor overlook was closed by locked doors. Hopefully it is reopened soon. No matter what your opinion is on the Skybridge, vandalism is just stupid. The bridge is here, and its not going to be torn down, so we have to do whatever it takes to protect it. Later I'm going to post another topic on what should be done to protect the Skybridge, along with some additional pictures.


Colonel Davenport said...

Nice pictures. I appreciate the time given. I believe they should install cameras along River Drive, 2nd Street, the "jazz alley" and parking ramp. It's a huge investment, and one most Davenporter's love. So let's protect it.

I had lot's of family in town over Christmas, and they loved the new downtown Davenport. We can't given in to the dorks...

Anonymous said...

'do what ever it takes'

I guess you haven't had an economics class recently.

Chris D. said...

Haven't been on the sky walk yet, but when I head about the vandals I thought how sad...and why aren't there video cameras there. Hopefully they get some camera's up there.