Friday, October 03, 2008

Cubs lose again!

As those crazy Cubs fans say, maybe next year.

Long-time readers will know that I'm a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan, so I scraped together enough money to get tickets to Thursday night's playoff game at Wrigley Field. As much as I love Davenport's own ballpark, and as much as I root against the Cubs, Wrigley Field is still the best ballpark in America. Dodger fans like myself weren't very popular there tonight, as the Cubs lost 10-3. The way they were playing tonight, they looked like they'd be more at home in a Single A minor league stadium like Modern Woodmen Park.

Here are a few more images from the game:

Even though many new stadiums have tried, you just can't emulate the Wrigley feel.The Wrigley scoreboard, which everyone loves, at least when its not showing the Cubs losing 10-3.

Fans starting to head out, in the 7th or 8th innings. I thought it was Dodgers fans that were supposed to leave early?

Here's one of the few signs outside Wrigley I agree with. Wrigley Field will not be the same if its Dominick's Field, Boeing Stadium, or whatever else it could end up being. Maybe the corporate owners of Jim Beam should purchase the naming rights, and then leave it as Wrigley Field.


Anonymous said...

I was actually in Wrigleyville during the game and it was awesome. $20 all you can eat and drink. Why don't we have that in the QC?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the corporate owners of Jim Beam should purchase the naming rights, and then leave it as Wrigley Field.

Given that Mars completed its $23 billion acquisition of Wrigley today (Wrigley ceased trading on the NYSE a few minutes ago), it seems unlikely that another completely unrelated company (Fortune Brands) would consider saving Wrigley's brand name on the stadium a charity case.

QuadCityImages said...

Wrigley doesn't own Wrigley Field... they haven't for over 20 years.

The Tribune Company, which was recently bought by Sam Zell, owns Wrigley Field and the Cubs. He has said all along he hoped to sell both Wrigley Field, and its naming rights.

So... way to correct me.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Dodger fan this was the best series since 1963 when the Dodgers swept the Yankees 4-0 in the World Series. But with Koufax, Drysdale and Podres pitching in 1963 it wasn't quite as big a surprise as 2008.

Anonymous said...

I never said Wrigley owned the stadium or the naming rights. Just that I find it hard to believe an unrelated company would shell out money specifically to keep their name on the field.

QuadCityImages said...

I was just implying that they should put their money where their mouth(billboard) is. I've read that many companies are so afraid of a negative backlash of having their name on Wrigley that they aren't willing to pay what the sellers are hoping for anyway.