Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chilly Saturday Assortment

Just a few things from around the QC

The Leader, not the Reader

A few posts down, one of the commenters was wondering about a rumor that the River Cities' Reader was going away. It turns out, at least according to this blog post by Dispatch-Argus columnist and blogger Shane Brown, that its the QC Leader that is going away. This was formerly just known as the Leader, and recently underwent a makeover that turned its exterior appearance into a blatant ripoff of the RCReader. Quite a few years ago, I delivered the Leader on Wednesdays in a few Davenport neighborhoods. It was amazing to me the lengths people went to to avoid getting this free newspaper. People would yell at me not to deliver it to them anymore, I'd tell them they had to call the cancellation number, they'd refuse, etc, etc. Its not a good sign of a newspaper's quality when people are willing to get in an argument to avoid getting it for free.

Convicted felon runs campaign against Scott Co. attorney -QCTimes

Prior to this article I was leaning towards voting for Pries, because I believe there needs to be some serious change down at the courthouse. However, the fact that the Steen smear-factory is against Walton makes me wonder if I've underestimated him. The important thing is that we all vote out Judge Christine Dalton Ploof, so she won't be handing out light sentences and giving 65th chances for the Quad Cities' worst criminal. Every time Pachino Hill goes to trial it should be looked at along the lines of using tax evasion against Capone. Find something to get him in prison. Now I sound like some of the attack brochures... I'm still undecided on the County Attorney thing.

DavenportOne awards grants for fa├žade projects -QCTimes

This seems like a great use of the extra tax that downtown businesses pay. If this kind of gradual upgrade of the downtown appearance continues throughout the years, it will make a huge difference in the perception of downtown Davenport by both visitors and citizens. I think the conversion of the Salvation Army building into lofts and the hopefully-soon Freight House streetscaping will make a big difference in that end of downtown as well. In other Downtown Partnership news, the sidewalks in front of the 4th Street Lofts are being redone to match the rest of the downtown streetscaping. This was done in front of the Crescent Macaroni building a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

The QCT slays me. Every election they endorse who they like and slam the opponnent. Then When Labell or Steen or anyone else does the same thing, they call 'expose'...'foul!'
Talk about calling the kettle black. Im voting for Wlaton , but I applaud citizens taking a stand on the election process. Im tired of D1 and the Times leading the sheep.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until people vote all the Judges out, not just one.

Anonymous said...

I took the time to read back through the QCT blog comments and it appears to me that Steen is at it again with the smear tactics. This guy really does have half a brain. Too bad there are readers out there that aren't informed. My vote is for Walton.

Anonymous said...

Mike Walton has always done right by us. With the revolving doors in the courtrooms, and the final decision up the judge, what can they do? He stood by us when I testified and got the conviction in a jury trial. He's got our vote.

Anonymous said...

A property search of 2504 N Nevada finds the property owned by Gary Rodgers. A blogger, Clark Johannsen, stated that he lives at this address. Wouldn't that make it a rental property? And if so, is it registered with the city? Who really lives at this house?

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice the new crooked windows in the old Salvation Army building on River Drive? Wonder how they got by Design.

Anonymous said...

shaddap Keith