Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new QC photo website, and cross-posting at QC

I thought I would pass on a bit of info about a new web page that has been created featuring Quad City-oriented photography. Its called QC Shots, and its located at qcshots.spaces.live.com. It is run by Davenport resident Josh Nash, an immigrant from Belgian who has lived in many places around the US before settling in this area in 2000. It takes bit to figure out the naviagation of the website, but you'll find he has a number of photo albums, and several videos. These images of the Walgreens being built at Brady and Locust were submitted to me from Josh. I may be featuring more of his photography in the future.

The left image was taken on May 12th, and the right on May 28th. Additional progress photos can be found on Josh's website.

In other news, my blog posts should be cross-posting now, both here at the same address as always, and over on the QCTimes' Quadsville. That blog, which may or may not allow comments (I haven't decided yet) will be located here. I kind of hate to get two different comment streams going about the same post, so I may just leave comments off on the mirror blog. That's the same reason I didn't just create a duplicate blog on Wordpress for those of you who have trouble with Blogspot.

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully I'll get back into daily posting soon.


Timothy said...

Waugh - the cross post has yet to come across. Sorry, QCI. We'll keep working on this.

Adrian said...

Hi, QCI, I enjoy reading your blog because of your enthusiasm for your hometown. Thanks for helping me keep up with what's going on around town.

I was reading some of your archives and found the post about the farmers' market split. We are devotees of the farmers' market downtown and go every Saturday during the season. Alas, this season we found out that our favorite tomato vendor (Inchon) who has tomatoes before everyone else because they grow them in a greenhouse is part of the contingent that moved to Northpark Mall. So we stopped over there this last Saturday to get some tomatoes. Not a great venue, but the location seems to have attracted a completely different crowd of people- less of the environmentally conscious liberal types (of which I'm one) and more of the average sort of person who doesn't take life as seriously.

I'm not describing it very well. Anyway, it was a completely different group who was shopping there than the ones we usually see downtown. The location is not great, and I much prefer the riverfront (we ourselves will continue to go there) but it was still encouraging to see so many different people choosing to buy local produce and eat healthy. That can only be good, right? Hopefully when they get things worked out, the vendors will all move back downtown and maybe some of these new customers will follow them.

And at least one vendor (Pride of the Wapsi) is running stands in both places!

Anonymous said...

I thought our old qctimes comment screenname and passwords would still work, yea?
Anyone else having trouble logging on?

QuadCityImages said...

You have to log in using the email address you registered with instead of your screen name.

Also , it's pretty sad when I have a typo in the title of a post; "QC" should be "QV."

Robbie C. said...

this is off topic... i would post in your recent open thread but afraid it will get lost in all the comments over there.

went to the bandits game last night. had a nice announced attendance of over 5,000... problem is, most of the people there didn't even pay. the optimist club was just handing out coupons for free tickets. additionally, they were good for cheap upgrades to any seats. so while i am happy to see the team is having lots of folks show up, i hope its not using things like this to get people there and inflate the attendance numbers.

(and i do realize those people still spend money on concessions and merchandise, so its not a total loss, i just have read in lots of places how great the bandits are doing with attendance, and last night kind of made me a bit weary)

Anonymous said...

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