Monday, July 28, 2008

A few Bix Pix

For the last 3 years, I've watched the Bix downtown. Watching the start from the Midamerican parking garage is one of the most exciting things, and it usually makes for good pictures as well. I also enjoy the sound system down there that updates you on the progress of the race, and the fact that a quick walk over to 3rd street will allow you to see the finish as well as the start. This year I decided we'd watch it from somewhere else. I couldn't decide between the top of Brady, or near the turnaround on McClellan, but as you can see below I ended up going with the turnaround. Here are a few images from that area.
Volunteers setting up hundreds of cups of water before the race. One thing I did like about where we sat was the view of the Mississippi in the background.

The leaders coming into view, and some people a bit farther back in the pack, along with the empty cup wreckage.

I took this one Friday night at the Brady Street Sprint, which is always exciting as well.


Anonymous said...

Just glad it's Monday... The weekend was a blast. To bad for the boss, I will be worthless today. Maybe the Monday after the bix should be the Quad Cities "7th Day", when we all rest and consider the good deeds of our work and play

Anonymous said...

Street Fest was insane. It was fun and packed.

hoganj300 said...

Loved the Bix this year because I didn't check my time. The SAU alum tent at the post party was awesome, even though I have not graduated. Lieing = good beer and not Michelob. Street Fest was awesome this year. I say at 11:00, there had to be about 5,000 people down there throughout the area.