Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Assortment: 90 Degree Edition

Blackhawk Hotel: A wasted renovatoin -QCTimes Letter to the Editor

This one gets July's Worst Letter of the Month Award, I think. The letter writer clearly hasn't been following what's happening with the Blackhawk, the RiverCenter, or Restoration St. Louis. Why take the time to write a letter to the editor about a subject that you apparently know so little about?

Davenport population inches up -QCTimes

Its not the best news, but compared to the losses that Davenport took from 2000-2002 (almost 1000 people) gaining 94 isn't too bad. This figure is also an estimate, so who knows the real number. Apparently all the people who claim they're moving away because of thumbtacks, stormwater fees, floods, etc are being more than balanced out by new residents.

The Battle of Newark, starring Cory Booker -Esquire

This is a pretty interesting read. Newark has some similarities to Davenport, and if more people were as passionate about fixing Davenport's problems as Mayor Booker, we'd be gaining a lot more than 94 people a year. Instead a lot of people just complain, or tell everyone they know how bad they feel Davenport is instead of working to make it better. We need more Cory Bookers.

And then the casino stuff... (QCTimes article here)

I like Mary Ellen, but it seems like she's a little too ok with IOC's screwing of Davenport and the RDA. The RDA's job is to maximize revenue for the gaming license that they hold, and continuing this relationship with a casino operator that openly admits to using us as a secondary location doesn't do that. The only solution to Davenport's casino is a new operator. A company with no other operations in the area, who will compete with Casino Rock Island and the Isle instead of just remaining a halfway casino property.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to nominate the "I like Mary Ellen" post for the dumest post of the decade. Why people , Mr. Emages, post things they don't know a twit about is beyond me. But here they do. Every day. Davenport suffers because of all these stupid late night cardboard box public relations postings that don't hold water for a mule. This woman, an honest person who knew what they were talking about,couldn't say anything good about her.What she has done to the City of Davenport ethics is horrid. Tank.

Anonymous said...

QCI People who critize the City usually want it to be better for everybody.That is why they do it. You just don't get it do you. Watch out though for those who are lining their pockets all the while saying these great things that really are not true. The true againsters are the people who don't study the issues, like yourself, just repeat what anyone who smiles at them and makes them feel important says. Aside, really though Guba should not have referred to the poor woman as putting lipstick on a pig. Sexist and below the belt.Then everybody knows Bernie is smarter than all the Council and mayor put together.

Anonymous said...

As long as Mary Ellen makes her $80,000+ annual salary from the RDA she probably doesn't really care who runs the casino operation.

Anonymous said...

Before wagging your perverbial finger at QCI, you might want to get your facts straight here, folks.

First of all, the pig comment was a metaphor for the literal CASINO BOAT. It was clearly in no way a comment towards any one person, espcially Mary Ellen. Misinterpreting that doesn't help your case for being the more informed person here.

Second, Mary Ellen admits first hand in the article it's not what she thinks is a great deal, but it is the best option being presented to the table under by the current ownership. That alone is no basis to claim that she, or the RDA, is unethical because of their desire to at least take what's being offered for the time being. Just kicking out someone from their licence doesn't happen over night, and even if they're leaning that direction, they aren't going to publicaly say so this early in the front page of the paper. Either way, there are hundreds of area nonprofits who would argue the RDA has done a pretty good job thus far. Are they saints? No, but they aren't Satan either. It's just not that black and white.

Finally, QCI has proven time and time again that he's in fact very informed on local issues, and whether you agree with him or not, bases his opinion on pretty solid facts. If you think his opinion is just regurgitated B.S. without any thought of his own, you obviously don't come here much. I disagree with the guy sometimes, but he still deserves the credit for doing his homework.

pioneer98 said...

The definition of an againster:

Someone who loudly and quickly criticizes any new ideas that come forth that try to solve our city's problems, but have no ideas of their own.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
Since I live here, pay taxes and own property here, and vote regularly, I think I will unashamedly voice any comment I so-choose on whatever publicly-available forum I also so-choose.

Labeling me and others who voice opinions different than yours pioneer, as being whatever stupid name you make up, quite frankly says much more about you than it does about us.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed nobody is asking the big question. Why is Davenport, the largest city with a casino in this area, also the one getting the least amount of perks?

Anonymous said...

What do you think, QCI. Where has God been?

Published: July 12, 2008
Filed at 9:23 p.m. ET

Skip to next paragraph DARWIN, Australia (Reuters) - Pope Benedict arrived in Australia on Sunday where he says he will apologize for a sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic Church in the country.