Sunday, June 15, 2008

Modern Woodmen Park: Flood 2008

I didn't make it to last night's game, but I took a walk up the Centennial Bridge to get some pictures of Modern Woodmen Park surrounded by the Mississippi River.

I know its a bit dark, but I just built a new computer and don't have any photo editing software installed yet. Also, it was a bit dark.

Most of last night's heaviest rains appeared to miss the downtown area. I know at least some areas got hail.

The temporary bridge to MWP had to be extended and sandbagged in preparation for the game, but it seemed to be working fine.

The Skybridge continues to provide great flood views.

Also, I'd like to wish all fathers out there a happy Fathers Day.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Mississippi River flood didn't jump over River Drive and wipe out Shelly's ugly peace sign. Neigbors having to live next to ugly for years. Giving Peace and Davenport a bad name.

Moe said...

Great photos!

Moe said...

Oh, and has anyone noticed how many cares have not been moved from the downtown area? There are many places where cars are submerged and less than 50 feet away some other cars are parked (at a dealership, etc.). Isn't the river supposed to crest yet?

Moe said...


Chili said...

wow,beautiful pictures!! not too dark!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos they are a real eye opener, pity about the last ball game being called off seems the ball club had it in hand!from aussies down under

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
Re 1:06 and "Shelly's ugly peace sign" :


Please elaborate, where? Who's Shelly? Peace sign?

This isn't intended to dispute whatever point you wanted to make, but geeze man, if ya wanna make a point it does add credibility and aid your cause if your audience knows of what you rant.