Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 Duck Creek Flood

While most of us were worrying about the Mississippi, 3-5 inches of rain has caused Duck Creek to sneak up behind us.

In my opinion, this is the worst the creek has flooded since the terrible 1990 floods brought national media attention to Davenport. In some ways I guess we were getting off too light compared to other cities around Iowa. Between the fire downtown and the creek and street flooding, I'd say we've had our share now.

As of 8am, Brady was open only in one lane, with public works employees letting one car through at a time to cross through 8 or 10 inches of water. Everyone I talked to said the water levels were dropping fast however, so it may well be below that level now.

Here are some images from the area around Brady:

Here's a video of cars driving through the water on Brady:

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Anonymous said...

I was in the Village last night, and at around 11PM I couldn't even get my car up the Jersey Ridge Hill from the foot of the Bier Stube area. Water was so deep and rushing so fast I turned around after only attempting about 50 ft. for fear of my engine locking up.

I ended up going through the neighborhoods and weaving my way up towards Locust, and it's a good thing I did after seeing just how bad Duck Creek really was this morning!