Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to the Mississippi Flood

With the cleanup underway along Duck Creek after yesterday's flash floods, I took a drive along the Mississippi to get some images of the floodwaters down there.LeClaire Park, showing that the water level is already higher than it got back in April. Fortunately the river would have to rise another 16 feet or so to affect the Figge's art collection that Mr. Fisher was so concerned about last time.

The temporary berm protecting a few blocks of eastern downtown is being raised to protect against up to a 25 foot river crest. This area has some of the largest pumps around busy keeping the water on the wet side of the levee.

Modern Woodmen Park, which hosted nearly 5000 fans last night, has even offered its field to the Iowa Cubs, whose park is flooded. See Pioneer's post about last night's game here. I'm considering going to tonight's game. It would definitely be a unique experience.

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