Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Park Thoughts

Centennial Park -They sure didn't waste any time on this one. There is already construction fencing up surround the skatepark to keep the kids IN the skatepark and OUT of the construction zone. Its a good idea, but its must feel like you're in a prison yard at the skatepark now. There's also fencing around the perimeter of the park, even along River Drive. It'll be great to see the finished product.

Fejervary Zoo -I've commented on this before, but I felt the need to mention it again. First of all, I would really hate to see this zoo simply closed. Lock the gate and get rid of the animals? Then all we have is another big abandoned property SoLo. I would want to see a specific plan for the land currently used as a zoo before I could get behind making any big changes or closings. I also don't understand the QCTimes and Mayor Gluba's extreme insistence on closing the zoo. Of course we already have Niabi, and obviously that's our main zoo. To me that doesn't automatically mean there can be no other zoo-type attractions in the QC area. Hopefully we can work out some kind of Mother Goose Land-Petting Zoo compromise that compliments the Putnam, improves Fejervary Park, and doesn't simply lock the gates. Also, does anyone know if the zoo is open this Spring? I know its future is in limbo, but is it already semi-closed? I've actually never been there... I should check it out before its changed or eliminated.

Modern Woodmen Park -They've got a new sign up on the north side of the stadium, and I've read that a new, bigger video board is on its way. After years of the 2-color light board they used to have for displaying messages, I was already impressed with the video screen that was installed during the stadium's 2004 renovation.

West Kimberly Amphitheater- Not really a park, but I felt it fit with the category. Here's the QCTimes article about the progress towards a 40,000-person-capacity amphitheater. Obviously I'm not about to complain about private investment, but I'd still rather see some kind of public-private partnership to build the amphitheater that's proposed for west of Marquette (Crescent Park) in the RiverVision plan. I know I'd rather watch a concert with the Mississippi rolling by behind the stage than sit out in a former cornfield with other farms as scenery. However, I don't believe the Crescent Park amphitheater was supposed to hold nearly as many people, and even if it was I have no idea where they'd park. Alpine Valley's amphitheater (hillside) isn't that big acreage-wise, but the fields for parking 20,000 cars are another story.


pioneer98 said...

I agree that a plan should be in place for the land before closing the zoo. There are a lot of other potential uses for that land that could be explored than just a small zoo. We could put something there that the area doesn't already have.

Mason City has a neat park with an old steam locomotive and a huge wooden playground that seems to be a big draw for kids and families. Something like that might be neat. If you scroll down, this site has a small photo of it. Their park has an aquatic center like Fejervary already has, too. Just one idea. I know there are probably others.

Anonymous said...

Gluba is now showing his true side after the lies he told us to get elected. How sad for the people in Davenport who really care for the people and the city

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't know what about this shows anything about Gluba's "true" side, and being in favor of closing the zoo doesn't automatically label him as someone who now suddenly doesn't care about the community at large. That's a bit of a jump, don't you think?

Anyway, I've got no particular solution for the zoo, but if it is closed or minimized, I'm sure the people working on this are trying to find what makes the most sense for the largest majority of people. I think the idea QCI has floated of just making it smaller and less expensive is a fine idea.

Also, i'm super pumped about the Centennial Park improvements moving forard too. I guess it took a front page article about Rock Island leaving us in the dust to kick people in to gear! Whatever it takes, I suppose :)

QuadCityImages said...

I don't know if RI is leaving us in the dust, or just catching up with what we've had for many decades (LeClaire Park.) If you think about it, RI has no real "riverfront park" except Sunset, which isn't the same kind of thing. They may be slightly passing us in riverfront amenities, but I think Centennial Park will even the score.

As far as Mayor Gluba, I also wouldn't say he "doesn't care for the people," but my fears have definitely been confirmed that he's a bit too outspoken on things. I guess a life in politics will do that for you.

Anonymous said...

QCI, you know normally I agree with you on most things, but acting as though RI and DAV are competing against eachother is the problem with the QC.

QuadCityImages said...

Hey, competing for best riverfront is GOOD for the Quad Cities.

Anonymous said...

complementing and cooperating are good for the river fronts, both of them.

Anonymous said...

... went to a concert put on my Daytrotter tonight.
The Capital Theater looks really good considering.
I think getting our downtown revitalized is going to depend in large part on getting that intangible cultural lifestyle on its feet. I hope D1 works closely with Daytrotter and the Capital theater to insure it's success. I would love to see a full bar in the lobby and a smaller stage to be open for local bands when the theater isn't being used.
If your going to throw money at something or write for grant money do it for something like daytrotter

Anonymous said...

The Spoon show at the Capitol last night was incredible! I had a blast, and it's so exciting to seem so many people who have never experienced that theatre to get the chance.

Daytrotter is a huge component of the music scene being built here, and they've worked with everyone from the RME to the pizza parlor next door. The number of incredible concerts in our area seems to have trippled in recent years.

Also, the first renovations at the Capitol will be the bathrooms, followed by an actual functioning bar.

Finally, I agree with QCI that a little compeition on the Riverfronts is good for everyone. Yes, we should be aware of what each is doing and be cooperative where we can, but a little fire under our seats from our neighbor serves everyone well too.

QuadCityImages said...

Yeah, I don't want ruthless competition... just friendly, healthy competition. For example, I don't think Armory Park needs a big amphitheater that will eventually compete with the one planned for Crescent Park in Davenport.

Anonymous said...

Wow 10 comments and 2 of them are commercials for concerts.
I went to an event at the Capital last fall and was surprised that the building hadn't been condemned.
Davenport needs to have the same scope of vision for the 'museum hill' area as they did for the riverfront.
I'm not really seeing that.

Anonymous said...

I think that 'Forwards/Backwards article' is a bit of crap personally. Did someone get angry and write that or what?

I'm not sure about Fej zoo, but I hope they work something out so that the land is being used in a way that benefits kids and families. Obviously there are a lot of kids out there who enjoy going to it as well as not having to pay big loads of money to visit it.

The competing parks across the river would be amazing. I hope they are able to do more of a festival type of set up. It would be great and you could just walk over to the opposite sides or sit on a boat and have a lovely day. I just hope that RI is realistic about the parking situation.

Seeing the idea of the amphitheatre in a farm area isn't too bad. It would be great not to have to drive nearly all the way to Chicago to see more well known bands outside.


Anonymous said...

Mel, You hope RI is "realistic about the parking situation." In what way? More onsite parking? Less? Enough parking within a three block walk?