Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Flood Images

Here's a QCTimes article with the volunteer info.
Basically, meet at Union Station at noon and bring gloves.

Here's LeClaire Park as of 11 or so this morning. Notice IOC's flood wall to keep the all-important casino dry.

However, in the image on the left we see something that many of us have wanted to see for a while now. A towboat moored to the Rhythm City barge. I guess they may be considering moving it temporarily to a safer docking area. Or maybe its just in case it gets loose, as I believe the casino can no longer power itself. The waters are getting pretty close to the bottoms of the pedestrian ramps. On the right, we have city crews continuing work on the berm down River Drive.


Anonymous said...

So is the IOC still open? I see in your bottom left photo that there is a small wall of bags in front of the entrance ramp.


QuadCityImages said...

It was this morning, but the water is getting close to the bottom of the entrance ramps.