Saturday, October 20, 2007

A few news article links

Renowned da Vinci exhibit opens Nov. 9 at Putnam -QCTimes
I just never get tired of reading about how the Quad Cities get events, concerts, art shows, golf tournaments, airshows, etc, that tend to go to metro areas considerably larger than ours. As I said in the Great Places post, we need to remember how good we have it in the Quad Cities more often. This exhibit sounds like something most definitely worth checking out.

SAU seeing record enrollment -QCOnline
I'm not sure how they afford it, but more and more students seem to be choosing St. Ambrose. As the college continues to grow, I (and others) would really love to see the Harrison Street area turn into more of a campustown atmosphere. It could possibly happen in conjunction with the corridor enhancement.

Divided, forum fails -Sioux City Journal
The GOP counterpart to our Davenport debate didn't end up working out. I guess we should be glad we got the one where most candidates showed up.

Aldermen call on teens for help in drafting cell phone ban -QCTimes
An interesting thing for the council to be spending time on. Here's one quote:

David Whalen, a Central senior and member of the student government, said he appreciated the aldermen reaching out to students.
“It’s pretty cool that they respect and value our opinion,” he said. “We’d like to see (the ban) extended to everyone. Just because we’re younger doesn’t mean we’re any worse on cell phones than any other driver would be.”

I'm pretty sure that various studies have shown that younger drivers are indeed worse at driving while on the phone. I am curious whether this will go anywhere.

The second anniversary of the QuadCityImages blog has come and gone without me even noticing. It would have at least made a good title for my last open thread, if I'd noticed...


Anonymous said...

There are four high schools in Davenport, why did Assumption High not get invited? These folks seem to surface quite a bit as city leaders post college. Is it that Hamerlinck is from West and Howard from Central?

Anonymous said...

Awww, Assumption found something they couldn't buy......

Anonymous said...

From jealous folks come foolish talk.

Anonymous said...

"There is no place like Assumption..."

Anonymous said...

All you folks who were so happy that the high-speed-chase issue recently swung to the right in Davenport can take comfort that a high-speed-chase took place today and ended abruptly at Bridge and 29th.

Ended abruptly with two innocent non-participant cars nearly if not in-fact, totaled, one innocent non-participant hospitalized from the scene, and two other innocent non-participants may yet need medical attention.

Add to that that the perp got away on foot.

So except for the collateral damage, the end result is about the same as if the cops had merely taken the license number and looked for the owner later. That's all they have at this moment, the perp's SUV dead against a stone wall, showing it's license plate number for every cop in the city to see and go find the owner later.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how those with no knowledge or experience in a given issue always post as if the they were experts!

Anonymous said...

I say it's about time we quick letting the criminals run! Hunt them down and lock them up!

QuadCityImages said...

We need to be chasing more, not less.

Once we show the criminals that they can't just escape whenever they want, some of them will stop running.

Anonymous said...

Well said QCI!!!!