Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday... Open Thread

Since it was 50 degrees yesterday, I went out and took a few shots using my new tripod. Maybe I'll take some more today, and maybe I'll put together a Flickr album of them.

In the news:

24-hour R.I. business irked with plaza-closing ordinance -QCOnline (look quick)
Not being a big District clubbin' kind of guy, I didn't know that the plaza closed to everyone at 3:15. It seems kind of strange to me for what is kind of a public street to deny access that way, but I suppose its different for pedestrian plazas. It was also most surely poor planning on the part of the business owner not to read the signs in front of her location prior to opening.

Four new hires will inspect rentals -QCTimes
Yeah, yeah... this again. Keep your rental-based discussion on the thread 2 threads down, if you would. The last pro-landlord post was actually fairly civil. Maybe that thread can stay that way.

Van Fossen reports burglary at home -QCTimes
The news just keeps on coming... I'd prefer if Van Fossen-related comments were kept back on this thread, but that is a while back. I really think the guy should resign and just save the city the weekly scandal news. Its not like the 1st ward is going to swing the other way and elect a D1-type. It shouldn't change the makeup of the council much.

River Roots Live returning, will combine with Ribfest -QCTimes
This seems like an odd combo to me, but we'll see how it goes. Its probably a good thing for the RRL festival, although I don't know how well hippies and rib-enthusiasts go together. I'm waiting to see how much the tickets are. Hopefully under $15, because while $30 is cheap to see some of these nationally famous bands perform, its a heck of a lot of money if all you want to do is eat some BBQ.

Also, there is a downtown residents' meeting tomorrow being put on by D1. I will post any new info that they give us, if any.


Anonymous said...

I too took advantage of the weather yesterday and took a walk around downtown. I have a question for Ald. Meyers (I hate it when people do this). Just where is all the cracking your so worried about in the skate park?? I saw maybe two hairline cracks that are typical in the curing of concrete, but that is it. I think the park looks great!

Anonymous said...

The City produced yesterday a 4 year bond on the Skate park. There is ( was) a pocket comb size chunk of concrete missing in one bottom location, and if you look closely more than two cracks.

This project needs more time to endure, perhap even some flooding. Hopefully the four year bond will get us there.

We might have to paint the surface on a regular basis and make routine repairs.

Anonymous said...

QCI - I am disappointed in you.
Van Fossen did not invite a burglary in to his home. I don't know if he is guilty or not of the charges, but to kick a person when they are down is wrong.

Anonymous said...

If Van Fossen has that kind of money, why doesn't he pay his property tax?? (

Dave said...

So... do you think it may have been Mrs. Van Fossen? Get some money back, steal the gun so it isn't used on her?

He needs to step down and take care of his personal life before its too late.

And I do hope the folks at RME find a way to make the festival successful for all without watering down the music and bands that come. It really brings in a different demographic than the Blues Fest, Bix, Sturgis etc. I found the diversity, as well as the music, was a refreshing change from most of the festivals in Iowa up and down the river.

WindingHills said...

Bomb Threat!!!!!!!