Friday, February 23, 2007

Potentially Excellent News

Isle of Capri project considers downtown -QCTimes

At least they're considering downtown.
I'm going to do a bigger post on this later today, but here's my favorite line from the article:
“We specifically had a conversation with them that they should not expect any city financial assistance with a greenfield site,” Malin said.


Joe American said...

Great news for the City of Davenport and even better news for the Davenport taxpayers.

Dave said...

Too early to tell if it's good news. Will they close down IOC if they make a bigger investment in Davenport?

It was good to see the city tell them not to expect financial help if the move to a greenfield area. Seems like the city may be in a better bargaining position this way.

QuadCityImages said...

Neither casino is going to "close down" because even if the Isle of Capri company decided they didn't want to operate the Bettendorf complex, the Scott County Regional Authority still holds the gaming license, so they could just find a new operator for it. Considering how much they just spent in Bettendorf though, I don't see IOC giving up on that.

Dave said...

Good points!

I'd love to see them both operating at full capacity but that may be too much to hope for. The additional investment will be good and should give some new life to both the downtown area and Rythm City as well.

Anonymous said...

Ms Pimp mama chamberlin must be happy today.