Thursday, December 15, 2005

Linden may get torn down after all

Linden owner given 90 days to repair or raze apartments

It was originally reported that the Linden Apartments would have to be torn down because of structural damage after the fire that happened there in October. Then it was reported that they wouldn't be ordered demolished by the city, as the structural damage wasn't fatal. That's still true, but apparently the owner's insurance money won't cover renovations and repairs, so it will probably be torn down anyway. Its a bad situation, but you can't expect the owner who was basically running a tenement house to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fixing up his building. Its too bad the building will probably be torn down instead of renovated, especially since it has a fairly small footprint on which to build anything new. Maybe a Davenport version of Rock Island's Clipper Condos can be built there.


Anonymous said...

One would have thought the fire department only a block away would have saved the building. duh.

Anonymous said...

With all the dead roaches in the wall, apparently they are flammable. There may be something to say about their value as insulation though.
Regardless of how close the fire department is, when you have an apartment full of flammable items, i.e. trash, alcohol, trash, cigarettes and trash, it becomes difficult to put the fire out regardless of when you get there.
I'm just wondering if John Lewis is going to be able to house the billions of live roaches that will be homeless from this incident.
I'm not a bug expert, but I'm basing that on what I heard... if you see roaches during the day, it means the walls are full and they can't get out of the daylight.