Monday, March 18, 2013

Possible list of stores for Whalen's Elmore Marketplace

I was looking around for some site plans for the hotel and retail complex going up on Elmore, and I found this website. It appears to be one of the developers of the project, and they have a site plan on there, shown below.

Also on that website, they have a downloadable brochure for interested tenants. That brochure has another site plan that actually lists "Proposed tenants." I'd normally say these were just ideal tenants rather than real possibilities, except that some of the sites still show vacant. That says to me that the spots with actual names listed are probably at least spoken for, and quite possibly spoken for by the companies listed. They're fairly impressive but not so pie-in-the-sky as to be out of reach of the QC.

Here's a list of the stores on the above plan:

New to the area:
Fresh Market
White House/Black Market
Charming Charlies
Banana Factory Outlet
GAP Generation

Already exist in the QC:
Lane Bryant
Cold Water Creek
Children's Place

I was kind of hoping for a Cheesecake Factory, but this still isn't quite the "lifestyle center" that the QC is lacking compared to similarly-sized metro areas.


Anonymous said...

Glad your posting again. A Fresh market would be great. So tired of the over priced Hy Vee offerings!

Anonymous said...

Will any of Walen's tenants have to pay sales tax?