Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Aside from the news that I'm actually posting something, there were a lot of interesting things in the news today.

First, has got to be the crime wave we're currently suffering through. By my count the QC has had 4 people killed in the last week, and that's terrible. Last night's shootings and the ensuing chaos at both hospitals, combined with the 2 fatal stabbings over the weekend, seem to bode badly for this summer being a quiet one.

In downtown Davenport news, we have an article in the QCTimes and a Downtown Davenport Facebook update both revealing that Restoration St. Louis has finally begun work on the interior of the Forrest Block building. The article mentions early next year as a completion time, so it will be interesting to see if they get to keep all their incentives and such. This article also says that the Blackhawk should be done yet this year.

oday is WIU:QC's groundbreaking. After reading about Deere donating the riverfront land to the school while I was still attending the Macomb campus, it seems like its been an eternity to get to this point. I'm hoping to attend, and the weather should definitely cooperate. If you're interested in witnessing the historic moment, the event starts at 1PM, with parking and shuttle available at the iWireless Center. Hopefully I'll have some pictures later.

I'm happy to see that some are pushing for RAGBRAI to return to the Iowa QC, or even Davenport itself. Considering the few hotels in LeClaire, you have to figure that most of the people stayed in Davenport and Bettendorf in 2008, so obviously we can handle both that and the Bix. It would be a heck of a celebration downtown, that's for sure.

Airport News:
Demolition starts renaissance for municipal airport -QCTimes

Quad City Air Show 2010's website is now up. It looks like no Blue Angels or Thunderbirds this year, but instead we'll have what's shaping up to be a huge collection of WWII warbirds. Hopefully along with the Tora Tora Tora display they can bring back the pyrotechnics that have been lacking the last few years.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! I'm very excited by the Forrest Block work beginning, but it was indeed sad to have that news overshadowed by the violence. I hope that it's not a sign of a rough summer ahead, too.

As for RAGBRAI, it seems to make perfect sense to have it end right here in the QC. What not? We've got the hotels and the history - it seems to make good sense.

Jessica D'Amico (JeDa) said...

Thank you for this great summarized post. Glad to hear the air show site is now up for 2010.

Anonymous said...

There was another shooting, off Harrison St later that night. At least one friend of the deceased in the Rock Island shooting fired several shots in the family's backyard. I guess no one was hurt.

Anonymous said...

One or two incidents does not predict how the summer will go. If you think otherwise, well, keep your eyes open. Report EVERYTHING that is suspect. Don't expect the police and the red hat society to handle things.


Anonymous said...

Oh, a little poke at the Guardian Angels?