Monday, March 01, 2010

Blogging will resume shortly

I have fallen into my usual late winter slump. If I were Wundram, I would have flown off to somewhere interesting. I didn't. I should get back to normal QC-related stuff soon. First though, something completely different.

In the spirit of the just-finished Canadian Olympics, here's a video of a lady that has to be one of the neatest mayors in North America. She's 89 years old, and has been the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario for the last 31 years. I'd vote for her.

I know these widescreen YouTube videos kind of break the blog formatting, so I'll turn it into a link later today. (FIXED)


Anonymous said...

Why are you in a slump in late winter? Don't care for the weather?

It's Iowa, wait a bit and it will change.


Anonymous said...

Saw a KWQC story that space is limited if you want a place in the downtown area with more being built. The lofts would be an interesting place to live. At least try to save some of those old factory buildings.

Sorry. Had to say something nice about the city.


QuadCityImages said...

That reminded me to watch that story. I saw the teasers last night but wasn't able to watch the 10PM news.

It wasn't that great of a news story. I would have liked to hear the actual numbers. When I lived down there, there were a handful of tax credit apartments available, but virtually zero market-rate units. All the upcoming units in the Blackhawk and Forrest Block buildings are market rate, and I'd be willing to bet they fill up within months of opening. I was sorry to see that it looks like the Crescent Lofts have a new manager. Lisa, the old manager, was one of the reasons that community has been so successful. Hopefully this new person is just as good.

As far as my late-winter slump, part of it is just fewer things going on in the community to get involved in, or blog about. Even though winter might be my favorite season, I'm usually ready for spring by March.

Anonymous said...

Excuses excuses! Davenport budget, takeover of sports center, former Ald. Hamerlinck trying to make sure city can get a new casino operator, crazed DeWitt cop going all road rage-y, Chorus Line apparently winning its legal battle, etc.

Seems like plenty of blog fodder to me!