Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2009 City of Davenport Election Numbers

Here are all the results, even for uncontested races. The percentages are of those people correctly casting votes, and the undervotes are those people who did not select a candidate for the position. The number of voters who filled out ballots for each race is listed as well. My amateur analysis of these numbers will come later.

Mayor (5724 voters)
Bill Gluba 4749 votes, 94.96%
Write-Ins 252 votes, 5.04%
Undervotes: 723

At-Large (5724 voters, 2 votes each)
Jason Gordon 3437 votes, 35.01%
Gene Meeker 3298 votes, 33.60%
Robert Ortiz 1823 votes, 18.57%
Keith Meyer 1207 votes, 12.30%
Write-Ins 51 votes, 0.52%
Undervotes: 1632

1st Ward (467 voters)
Nathan Brown 382 votes,
Write-Ins 28 votes, 6.83%
Undervotes: 57

2nd Ward (682 voters)
Bill Edmond 426 votes, 63.11%
Rick Gaghagen 248 votes, 36.74%
Write-Ins 1 vote, 0.15%
Undervotes: 7

3rd Ward
(555 voters)
Bill Boom 364 votes, 66.30%
Paul Vasquez 182 votes, 33.15%
Write-Ins 3 votes, 0.55%
Undervotes: 6

4th Ward
(642 voters)
Ray Ambrose 557 votes, 95.54%
Write-Ins 26 votes, 4.46%
Undervotes: 59

5th Ward (812 voters)
Bill Lynn 503 votes, 62.64%
Audra Cornwell 299 votes, 37.24%
Write-Ins 1 vote, 0.12%
Undervotes: 9

6th Ward (1245 voters)
Jeff Justin 1074 votes, 98.08%
Write-Ins 21 votes, 1.92%
Undervotes: 150

7th Ward (736 voters)
Barney Barnhill 578 votes, 93.38%
Write-Ins 41 votes, 6.62%
Undervotes: 117

8th Ward (585 voters)
Mike Matson 497 votes, 97.45%
Write-Ins 13 votes, 2.55%
Undervotes: 75


Anonymous said...

I'm very pleased with the overall results, but it's always disturbing to see how few people bother to vote in local elections.

With a population of over 100K, we should be doing better.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the number of under votes (actual and percentage) and write ins for the 6th ward. This would be a great seat to challenge next election. The guy is a dud

Anonymous said...

to 2:10 -
Don't you mean the 7th ward??

Twice as many non-Barney votes as there were non-Jeff votes & 3x the percentage. In fact, when I saw that 6.62% figure I started to wonder if there wasn't some kind of semi-organized write-in candidate there.

Anonymous said...

It may have simply been a lot of bored people with a sense of humor that wrote-in just for kicks. Why not, right?

QuadCityImages said...

I'm not sure how much meaning you can draw from undervotes on non-contested wards. I through the info in there because it is interesting, but it could just mean they have a lot of people who are too lazy to fill in a pointless circle. The fact that Justin had less than 2% write-in votes is probably more telling, and that's the lowest percentage out of any uncontested ward.

Anonymous said...

Target the ward where the incumbent got 98 percent. That's good strategery. LOL.

Obviously, many people in the 6th Ward (which had by far the highest number of voters overall) chose to vote only for the contested at-large race.

Anonymous said...

The 4th ward had more write-in votes than the 6th ward, and that was with half as many people that voted.

Anonymous said...

I for one was glad to see Bill Boom took a big bite out of the "againsters" agenda out of the 3rd ward.

Anonymous said...

The one sure thing about the election results. There are a lot more stupid people in Davenport than smart ones. No suprise there. Good job QCI.